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1. Natural materials reduce the sense of age

solid wood makes people feel friendly, and it is also the most used material in Chinese space. The wood color system similar to it can be used on walls, floors, side tables and tea tables. The materials can be sauna boards, solid wood or laminate floors, and the furniture can be rattan, wood, bamboo and other options. But we must be careful not to fill the room with wood, which will be too rigid and breathless. You can choose simple white to match it, and the clean color makes people feel refreshing

2. The segmented wall makes the cloister open.

the cloister is an easily ignored place. It is a bridge connecting several spaces. Chinese cloisters often use carved doors and screens as partitions between rooms, but if the cloister is too long, it will make the space seem cramped. It can be considered to use segmented walls to replace doors and screens, and then hang wooden battens on the wall, so as to be harmonious with the overall environment. The stairs connected with the corridor are designed into a bamboo joint with wood and stainless steel, and the sense of form echoes the vertical bar style of the partition wall veneer

3. A large number of lines make Chinese style more lively

the kitchen is the most difficult place to reflect Chinese space. Modern kitchen equipment and cooking utensils are necessary, which will make people feel cold. Therefore, the ceiling of the kitchen can be replaced by wooden beams, which gives people a sense of warmth and appropriately echoes with the floor tiles of the well grid. In addition, the modern lattice setting can also strengthen the fashionable sense of Chinese space and make those too heavy auras more relaxed and lively

4. Reduce the sense of spatial depression

sometimes Chinese space is inevitably more stable than relaxed. The intake of light can alleviate the pressure of space to a certain extent. A relatively wide lighting setting will introduce a large amount of natural light into the room, which can appropriately reduce the sense of age of Chinese elements. Color: such as the combination of wood color and red, white and black, or add hand-painted furniture depicting fine brushwork in the space, such as the wardrobe with ink butterflies; Material: for example, the new combination of traditional wood and other modern materials can not only make the space full of oriental charm, but also exude a relatively young and fashionable atmosphere





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