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The air in spring is relatively humid, which is most likely to cause a short circuit of the line and cause accidents. For example, in the construction site, the temporary wires in the house should not be placed directly on the ground, and the circuits of tools should also be hung on the wall. The following editor has sorted out some matters needing attention to prevent unnecessary trouble in the future

1. The power line buried in the groove needs to be sleeved with PVC plastic conduit. Strong and weak current cannot be threaded together, and the spacing must be about 50cm

2. The height elevation of the socket is 140cm from the ground according to the standard, and the high-power sockets such as air conditioners are 180cm high

3. The switch socket used temporarily does not need to be too good, but it must be qualified and safe. After all, it is too temporary

4. There is no special requirement for the temporarily used water pipe, which can not leak. Those who have entered the woodworking site need to brush fireproof paint where necessary

5. Pay attention to the necessary cleaning of the site before leaving work. Pack up the switches of motor, circuit, water pipe valve and main circuit valve, which must be unplugged and kept closed

6. Before leaving, the doors and windows of the room must be closed, so as to avoid timely rain at night and water entering, resulting in accidents

7. The latex paint on the decorated wall dries slowly, so mildew and blackening may occur in hot and humid weather. Don't worry at this time. You can turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify, or turn on the dehumidifier to work, and completely eliminate the moisture in the air





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