Yichang provident fund decoration loan process

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Gao Huan, who lives in Yichang, graduated from university last year. Later, he passed the civil service examination in his hometown and joined a local government unit. Now he wants to apply for provident fund decoration loan. In this regard, he wants to know about Yichang provident fund decoration loan process

in view of Gao Huan's doubts about this problem, the Xiaobian of the lending website explains it. In fact, whether the housing can be decorated with provident fund loans depends on whether the local housing provident fund center has such a policy. For example, Yichang citizens can apply for housing provident fund loans to decorate their own houses. The specific process here is as follows: 1. The borrower carries the information required for registration to the municipal housing provident fund center to handle the loan application registration procedures; 2. The borrower goes to the evaluation company recognized by the provident fund center to go through the evaluation procedures (mainly to verify the authenticity of the decoration behavior on site and evaluate the value of the mortgaged house); 3. After the provident fund center passes the approval, it will inform the borrower of the time of handling the loan; 4. The borrower and his/her spouse shall bring all the information to the center to handle the formal loan procedures according to the loan time notified by the center; 5. The borrower signs the entrusted deduction agreement at the handling bank and receives the repayment bank card and receipt of loan (Note: the loan is first fully transferred to the borrower's repayment bank card and is in a frozen state. After the "house ownership certificate" is completed, the center notifies the bank to handle the unfreezing procedures, and the borrower can use the loan)

in addition, the loan network here needs to remind you that: 1. After obtaining a loan, you must repay it in full and on time according to the loan contract, so as not to leave a credit "stain" that will affect future loans; 2. Decoration loans shall not be withdrawn from the housing provident fund to repay the loan principal and interest

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