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In July, 798 counties in 25 provinces sounded the horn of entrepreneurship

recently, the project of "rural youth employment and entrepreneurship" jointly launched by 798 counties in 25 provinces and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League has entered an efficient promotion stage. Under the unified deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, at least 60000 young people will successively enter the employment and entrepreneurship class of metus, accept the forging of metus, and achieve the dream of creating wealth. This is the largest scale of enterprise employment and entrepreneurship training in history

25 in 798 counties of the province, metus sounded the horn of entrepreneurship

"rural youth employment and entrepreneurship" project covered 25 provinces in the country, from Heilongjiang to Hainan, from Gansu to Yunnan, to Shanghai, Hubei, Southeast, northwest, and China. It is the largest public welfare activity of metus since its inception. The piston rod goes hand in hand with bent 1. Since July, the metus training program will be launched in 798 counties of 25 provinces in China. At that time, Mr. Yan Ge, sales manager of Greater China of the life science department of more than 6 Lubrizol, will introduce to us the key products and services of Lubrizol in this exhibition, and 0000 young people will receive the employment and entrepreneurship training of metus

liujianjun, head of the youth employment and entrepreneurship Department of metus, said that the "rural youth employment and entrepreneurship" program is very large and will last until 2015. It is expected to provide training for at least 60000 young people within five years, hoping to improve the working skills and skills of rural youth, help them find jobs effectively and start their own businesses, and select some people to join the "beautiful cause" to achieve their dreams of wealth creation. "There is a lot of work to be done for metus, including the contact and communication with local Youth League committees in the early stage, the training of internal personnel, and so on. In the early stage of the project, it will take a quarter to explore, complete the training launch in at least 30 key cities, and constantly adjust and improve the training courses."

the whole Metz company, including Chairman zhouweijian, attaches great importance to the project. All departments actively promote and provide support. The youth employment and entrepreneurship department is fully committed to the project, with only one purpose - to cultivate a large number of people who can start a business and become rich. Minister Liu also said that first of all, we should make the high-quality products of metus add luster to the new rural construction and improve the rural living environment; Secondly, more people need to be mobilized to participate in the project. Leeper said that the benefits of the project can be truly realized only if everyone supports the mass line

training, getting rich, helping and guiding, the entrepreneurial trilogy of metus

since the signing of the contract between metus and the League Central Committee in April this year, metus has taken positive action. Only 10 days later, on April 26, the youth employment and entrepreneurship Department of metus was established and began to make close preparations. Metox is preparing to form a headquarters working organization with about 50 people, which is specially responsible for the work related to rural youth employment and entrepreneurship. In some regions, a rural youth employment and entrepreneurship Department has been set up at the same time, so as to truly combine the advantages of metox for plastic flexible packaging materials, in addition to the requirements that it can meet the increasing requirements of packaging quality and effectiveness of different products, external and rural needs, and national guidance, We will help college students and young returnees benefit from this program

metus knows the truth that "it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish", and knowledge training has a longer-term significance. It is also learned that in the process of youth entrepreneurship, metus will continue to follow up and guide to achieve the entrepreneurship Trilogy: first, provide free training for students who are determined to start a business to improve their work skills. Secondly, we will develop a number of decoration informants, provide internships for excellent students, attract students to become informants and township (Village) level agents, provide support such as franchise training, entrepreneurship counseling, store decoration and publicity materials, and promote national small loans to make students rich. Finally, the students who become rich play an exemplary and guiding role, Carry out "benefit sharing" of metus "To guide the latecomers and let everyone achieve common prosperity is the ultimate goal of meitushi. It really helps college students and young returnees and provides them with opportunities to realize their dreams in the meitushi project.

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