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On May 16, the fourth China robot summit opened in Yuyao, Ningbo. The 2billion Yuan intelligent robot key special guidance fund has been in place. The government will issue a series of support and guidance policies in the future. This is an opportunity for the instrument industry, especially for sensor manufacturers

sensors are necessary components for manufacturing intelligent robots. The robot's ability to perceive the external environment, such as vision, force, touch, smell and taste, is provided by sensors. At the same time, sensors can also be used to detect the working state of the robot itself, and the robot can intelligently detect the external working environment and object state. A device that can be converted into usable output signals according to certain rules. In order to make the robot achieve as high sensitivity as possible, a variety of sensors will be installed in its body structure

robot sensors can be divided into internal sensors and external sensors according to different detection objects

internal sensors are mainly used to detect the status of each internal system of the robot, such as the position, speed, acceleration temperature, motor speed, motor load, battery voltage, etc., and send the measured information to the controller as feedback information to form a closed-loop control

the external sensor is used to obtain information about the robot's working object and external environment. It is an information channel for the robot to interact with the surrounding, and is used to implement vision, proximity, touch, force and other sensors, such as distance measurement, sound, light, etc

how many sensors should a robot have? It is understood that manufacturing robots requires at least six kinds of sensors to make them as sensitive as humans

the first is the visual sensor. Machine vision is a system that enables the robot to have the perception function. It obtains images through visual sensors for analysis, so that the robot can replace the human eye to recognize objects, measure and judge, and achieve positioning and other functions. Industry insiders pointed out that at present, the intelligent vision sensor, which is loaded at the left end of China as an electromechanical device and drives the force plate to rotate through the reducer drive, accounts for about 60% of the market share of the machine vision system market

the second is acoustic insulation sensor. The sound sensor acts as a microphone (microphone). It is used to receive sound waves and display the vibration image of sound. However, the noise intensity cannot be measured. Acoustic sensors are mainly used to sense and interpret sound waves in gas (non-contact feeling), liquid or solid (contact feeling) and other elastic elements and friction mechanisms. The complexity of the acoustic sensor can range from the simple presence of sound waves on december3,2012 to the complex frequency analysis of sound waves, to the identification of individual sounds and words in continuous natural languages

so that the corrosion and wear test of materials can be carried out

and the distance sensor. The distance sensors used for intelligent mobile robot include laser rangefinder (also capable of measuring angle), sonar sensor, etc., which can be used for robot navigation and obstacle avoidance

in addition, tactile sensors are also indispensable components. It is mainly used as a sensor for robot to imitate tactile function. Tactile is an important sensory function when people are in direct contact with the external environment. The development of tactile sensors that meet the requirements is one of the key technologies in the development of robots

finally, there are proximity sensors, slide sensors and force sensors. If a robot wants to be as sensitive as human beings, eight kinds of sensors, such as visual sensor, acoustic sensor, sliding sensor, speed and acceleration sensor, are extremely important to the robot, and none of them is indispensable. Nowadays, it is the era of intelligent robots and the era of rapid growth for instrument and meter enterprises to innovate products and ensure quality

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