The hottest 2billion coating group army was born

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The 2billion coating group army was born

2billion coating group army was born

january 7, 2011

[China coating information] Guangdong China Resources coating Co., Ltd., Hunan Xiangjiang coating group and Guangdong Jiabaoli chemical group achieved a sales revenue of more than 2billion yuan in 2010. Together with Nippon and Dulux, it officially entered the 2billion coating group army. The breakthrough of the output value of the three enterprises marks the official birth of the 2billion coating group army

Xiangjiang: the annual revenue was 2.1 billion

Hunan Xiangjiang coating group, which held a grand celebration of the 60th anniversary of the plant only two months ago, recently reported that the sales revenue of this large-scale coating backbone enterprise with 8 subsidiaries and 5 branches exceeded 2billion yuan for the first time in 2010, successfully ranking among the few enterprises with annual revenue of 2billion yuan in China's coating industry

according to the internal sources of Xiangjiang coating group, the total sales revenue of the entire Xiangjiang coating group's 20130t or more electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machines compared with the electronic universal testing machines reached 2.1 billion yuan in 0 years. The largest contributor to this fruitful marketing achievement is its subsidiary - Hunan Guanxi coating Co., Ltd. This Xiangjiang paint Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Xiangjiang paint and Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. of Japan in 1995, has a huge sales revenue of 1.5 billion yuan this year, which is really worthy of the title of "the most complete automotive original paint (OEM) supplier in China". In addition, the other 600million sales of Xiangjiang coating group were jointly completed by the group headquarters and Zhengzhou Shuangta, which were RMB 500million and RMB 100million respectively

Carpoly: no suspense at the end of the year

China paint news learned from xuyouwei, general manager of Guangdong Carpoly Chemical Co., Ltd. through an interview on the 28th that as of december26,2010, the sales revenue of Carpoly Chemical Group Co., Ltd. exceeded 2billion yuan. Although xuyouwei added in a low-key way that the statistics of the group's ERP system are not very accurate and perfect because it has not yet reached the usual end of the year, that is, December 31, there should be no suspense after the 2billion mark

as the largest private paint manufacturer in China, Guangdong garberry has made frequent moves in recent years: after the Sichuan branch was officially put into operation in july2009, Shanghai and Hebei plants have also been put into operation this year. At that time, some people in the industry predicted that the sales scale of garberry group is expected to reach more than 6billion yuan after all its four branches are put into operation. The exact data known to the outside world is that only Jiangmen factory has paid RMB 28277million in taxes from the establishment of the factory to the end of 2009; In 2009, its public sales revenue was 1.61 billion yuan. As one of the top 500 most valuable brands in China for six consecutive years, under the shadow of the financial crisis, Guangdong branch alone achieved a sales revenue of 1.36 billion yuan in 2008. With the successive efforts of Sichuan, Shanghai and Hebei branches in 2009 and 2010, the annual sales exceeded 2billion yuan, which is indeed not an "impossible task"

China Resources: 2billion is a figure that has been surpassed

it is not difficult to find out if you pay a little attention. In recent years, China Resources Coatings has been cautious in facing the media, almost to the point that it is not commensurate with its industry leadership. Some analysts of 248 concrete structures even interpreted this excessive low-key as "one of the strategic components" of China Resources. Indeed, the "sensitive figures" such as annual growth rate and sales volume seem to be hard to find from many external channels such as China Resources' publicity and website. Probably because of its "no comment" mystery, speculation about China Resources' sales at the end of each year has even become a hot topic for industry people. As 2010 draws to a close, how much sales will China Resources achieve? It is generally believed in the industry that 2billion yuan is just a number that has been constantly surpassed by China Resources

what the outside world knows exactly is that during the financial crisis and domestic and foreign troubles. 23. For the maintenance of control system: in 2008, most coating enterprises were treading on thin ice, but CR still achieved a beautiful annual growth rate of 20%, with a sales revenue of more than 2billion yuan. It is believed that the annual growth target of China Resources will not slow down without major decision-making mistakes and company turmoil. In fact, on October 11 this year, at the celebration of the relocation of China Resources architectural coatings, Scott Karstens, President of China Resources Coatings Group, congratulated on the relocation, and highly affirmed the brilliant achievement of China Resources architectural coatings gb/t 1040 ⑴ 992 "test method for tensile properties of plastics" in increasing the operating profit by 20% in 2010, and thanked every colleague for their efforts. Scott Karstens said that China Resources will have a better tomorrow. Various signs show that the sales in 2010 exceeded 2billion, which is not a pressure for China Resources

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