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The 280 ton oil exploration ship "backed into storage" in the air of Tianjin port, people's Tianjin windows, December 17 (Xinhua): the 280 ton oil exploration ship, supported by two ships and aircraft, rose slowly from the sea. After completing the difficult "backing into storage" in midair, it stopped steadily on the deck of the cargo ship "Dahua". Recently, 9 engineering ships successfully completed loading at Tianjin port and set sail for Indonesia, setting a new record for a single operation at Tianjin port

among the nine engineering ships, "seal II" is the heaviest one, with a weight of 280 tons. In order to successfully hoist it onto the "Dahua", Tianjin Port No. 2 company selected the most experienced workers, and the production manager went to the "Dahua textile room to cooperate with the personnel of the equipment manufacturer to start the installation and commissioning of 7 sets of equipment such as" ring stiffness "in november2014. At present, we can see that "seal II" rises slowly from the sea, rising higher and higher, and soon surpasses the deck height of "Dahua"

"the most critical moment has come." The person in charge at the scene told that the length of "seal II" was larger than that of the ship engine, and it was necessary to turn a corner to get on the ship, which was a great test for the ship engine driver. When the "seal II" was lifted into the air, it began the operation of "backing into the warehouse". Under the traction of the ship and aircraft, the bow of the ship turned smoothly first, slowly passed through the ship and aircraft, and entered the upper deck of the "Dahua", followed by the hull and stern. When the stern of "seal II" passed through the ship aircraft, all the people on the scene held their breath until "seal II" completely passed through the ship aircraft, and then took a collective breath. According to visual inspection, the stern of "do not put the instrument under the sun for a long time to deposit the seal II" almost passed by the ship engine, with a minimum distance of less than 1 meter. Like "backing into the warehouse", after passing through the ship engine, "seal II" quickly adjusted the angle, maintained a posture parallel to the "Dahua" and landed steadily on the deck

the relevant person in charge said that the nine engineering ships loaded this time belong to CNPC group. After completing the berthing operation, these ships will take the "Dahua" freighter to sanmalinda port in Indonesia, where they will carry out oil exploration operations. This offshore berthing operation is also the largest number of cargo berthing at Tianjin port in a single time over the years

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