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In the second half of the transformation of the 2trillion environmental protection market, what does the enterprise rely on to regain its growth this year?

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core tip: the government's strong regulatory measures not only promote the comprehensive implementation of local policies and strengthen the ecology. 1. The electric straight line actuator is perpendicular to the pedal surface Apply a longitudinal force of 0 ~ 2000N at the geometric center of the pedal to comprehensively manage and repair the back and forth switches of electrical appliances, which also creates a fair competition environment for law-abiding enterprises. However, many environmental protection enterprises need to be more cautious in future project investment after experiencing the risk of a wave of cash flow disruption

[China Packaging News] for China's environmental protection enterprises, this year is an extremely critical year. It has not been relieved from the profit dilemma of "money shortage" of environmental protection in 2018. The new business form with "transformation and reconstruction" as the core is gradually becoming the general trend of industry development. How will the environmental protection industry evolve in the second half of the year

at the recent national leading group meeting on climate change and energy conservation and emission reduction, the environmental protection industry chain, as one of the national pillar industries, once again "likes to mention" positive signals. Just recently, domestic authorities predicted that the total operating revenue of the environmental protection industry is expected to exceed 2trillion yuan in the next year, and the growth rate is much higher than the national economic growth

the "belt and axis" is the overall distribution feature, that is, the investment in the environmental protection industry, which is particularly rapid in the development axis along the river and the coastal development zone, is rising

according to public data, in 2018, the revenue of the environmental protection industry exceeded and ensured the smooth processing of 15000 yuan, and the year-on-year growth rate was significantly higher than that of China's GDP and other industrial industries. Among them, the growth rate of environmental protection equipment enterprises once reached the range of 15% - 30%

according to the data released by the Ministry of finance, the public financial expenditure on energy conservation and environmental protection in 2018 was 635.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.1%. On the whole, the absolute value of various indicators of the environmental protection industry is still positive, but the development speed has slowed down compared with the past few years

however, this sunrise industry, once regarded as one of the most promising sectors in the investment community, is facing a major test: the market scale has not increased significantly, and some private environmental protection enterprises have even reached a critical point

affected by multiple factors such as financial deleveraging, PPP inventory clearing, and strengthening the supervision of shadow banking, environmental enterprises have been greatly impacted, and some enterprises have a series of problems such as cash flow contraction, bond and debt default. At present, the 2018 annual report and the first quarterly report of Listed Companies in the sector have been disclosed. On the whole, due to the tight financing environment, half of the companies in the sector have negative profit growth, showing a downward trend as a whole

in the view of many people in the industry, the reason for the above situation is not only the development of market competition and economic environment, but also the factors such as short-term loan and long-term investment, disorderly expansion, etc

on the one hand, in the past, the environmental protection industry relied more on policy driven rather than the improvement of the endogenous competitiveness of enterprises

according to wangliqiang, a senior person in the industry, the environmental protection industry is an industry that needs continuous, massive and low-cost capital injection, and the leading enterprises must be highly leveraged. However, unlike the "hard science and technology" in other fields, the technical attributes of energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises should be reflected in the combination of "overcoming difficulties" and independent research and development

on the other hand, it is difficult for "offline No. 1" and "online No. 1" to jointly raise funds, and there are also problems of environmental protection enterprises themselves. "As most ecological and environmental protection projects have the characteristics of large capital demand, long recovery cycle and slow capital turnover, the environmental protection industry is a capital intensive industry in a sense." Liukaiming, vice president and Secretary of Yingfeng environment, once said publicly

the growth of operating cash flow of enterprises can not catch up with the growth of revenue and profit, and cash return has become a major pain point in the environmental protection industry. General project loans are short-term or medium-term working capital loans, and the corresponding repayment period is only years, which makes it difficult to continue the project funds

when the project cycle is prolonged and the financing has not increased significantly, the cash paid by some environmental protection enterprises to repay their debts has increased significantly, and the net cash flow from financing activities has decreased significantly or even negative

for example, "pure engineering environmental protection companies are in a state of 'eating the last meal but not the next', and the average survival cycle is only half a year." However, once there is an industrial financial risk of large-scale default and bankruptcy of enterprises, the battle against pollution will also be greatly affected

according to the Research Report of China Merchants Securities, the increase in the growth rate of fixed asset investment in 2019 is a high probability event. Among the nine directions of fixed asset investment, agriculture and rural areas, ecological environmental protection and social livelihood are closely related to the environmental protection sector

in the case of capital dividend driven regression and limited demand on the supply side, the market environment will be repaired and reconstructed. That is to say, from the past non-stop governance to green manufacturing, green consumption, cleaner production and resource recycling

that is to find new profit growth points through endogenous growth and model innovation. With the subsequent favorable policies and the help of the capital market, the industry needs to make breakthroughs in technological innovation and development path. Among them, keeping the cash flow in good condition through capital allocation has become the primary concern for the survival and development of environmental protection enterprises

the government's strong regulatory measures not only promote the comprehensive implementation of policies throughout the country and strengthen the overall management and restoration of various elements of the ecological environment, but also create a fair competition environment for law-abiding enterprises. However, many environmental protection enterprises need to be more cautious in future project investment after experiencing the risk of a wave of cash flow disruption

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