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The new product release of 263 cloud communication leads the new trend of enterprise communication. Enterprise mailbox is an important part of enterprise informatization development, and 263 undoubtedly occupies an important position in the enterprise communication industry. As a well-known domestic communication enterprise and the core product of 263 enterprise communication, 263 enterprise mailbox has attracted great attention in the industry since it came out. In the course of 14 years' development, 263 enterprise mailbox has been continuously innovated and optimized to make it more suitable for users' needs, and finally become the leading brand in the industry. On the 20th of this month, 263 enterprise communication will hold a new product launch conference at Aozhan international to launch the revolutionary product 263 cloud communication in the enterprise communication industry

it is understood that the theme of this conference is 263 cloud communication, easy office. 263 believes that the enterprise communication software, as an auxiliary tool for the enterprise whose performance is far lower than that of the pure polyurea industry, its core role should be to optimize and simplify the use and management steps of enterprise users, so as to make the office experience easier and more pleasant

this inspiration comes from 263's deep mining of user needs. When serving enterprise users, 263 found that with the gradual deepening of information construction, enterprise users often use a variety of communication modes such as enterprise mailbox, enterprise IM, SMS, etc. at the same time, which means that multiple software must be installed and multiple backstage must be managed, not only resulting in a waste of resources, but also the enterprise IT managers and users have different degrees of trouble in management and use

in order to solve this problem and help enterprise users improve their use experience, 263 enterprise communications has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources in the research and development of cloud communication products since 2011. Up to now, the 263 cloud communication PC version, Android (Android) version and IOS version have been published, and have been recognized and praised by users and the market

according to the introduction, 263 cloud communication is a product integration and innovation based on the current advanced mobile Internet and cloud communication technologies, as well as the changes in the communication needs of enterprise users. It is not difficult to learn from its official website that 2 so 63 cloud communication not only integrates multiple communication channels such as enterprise mailbox, enterprise im instant messaging, voice communication, SMS and voice, but also provides cheaper and more convenient global call center services for enterprise users with overseas communication needs

this means that enterprise users only need to deploy 263 cloud communication to complete the deployment of all commonly used communication software. At the same time, the unified management platform makes management more convenient, and cloud storage enables the sharing of enterprise address books. The experiment shows that the toxic gas produced in the process of polyurethane combustion is not more than our common materials containing n elements, and the information islands between various communication channels are broken. Enterprise users will enjoy a more convenient, cheaper and smoother communication experience brought by 263 cloud communication

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