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There are problems in the product development of the valve industry. Enterprises should improve the scientific and technological content of products

at present, there are still some problems in China's valve industry. As long as every model and even every industry can seize the opportunity, strengthen research and development capabilities, and constantly improve the scientific and technological content and product quality of products, they can take the initiative in the fierce market competition. The zigzag specimen method is often used to determine the strength and plasticity of brittle and low plastic materials such as cast iron, casting alloy, tool steel and cemented carbide. In China's current valve market, in addition to low-pressure valves reaching the level acceptable to the international market, high-pressure valves still need to rely on imports. Under the situation that the macro economy continues to be optimistic, the production and sales indicators of most enterprises in the valve industry have maintained rapid growth, but affected by the price war, the industry's sales revenue and profit have decreased significantly compared with the same period last year

at present, there are still some problems in China's valve industry. For example, China's valve enterprises are mainly low-level, small-scale, family workshop enterprises. In terms of products, due to repeated investment and insufficient technology introduction, the leading products of Chinese valve enterprises are still low-quality mass products. At present, all kinds of valves produced by Chinese enterprises generally have shortcomings such as external leakage, internal leakage, low appearance quality, short service life, inflexible operation, and unreliable valve electric and pneumatic devices. Some products are only equivalent to the international level in the early 1990s through various high-precision sensors and controllers in August of last century. Some valves required for high temperature and high pressure and key devices still rely on imports

there is a big gap between China's valve industry and foreign enterprises in terms of industrial structure, industrial chain of valve industry and the degree of specialization of the industry. The reason for the low quality of domestic valve products is that the original state-owned valve enterprises have been shut down and transferred due to the rapid expansion of the market. It is understood that although a number of township enterprises have developed rapidly, due to the low starting point of township enterprises, very weak technical force, simple equipment, most of the products are imitated production, especially the low-pressure valves for water supply and drainage, but the above problems do not affect the broad prospects of China's valve industry in the future. This is mainly due to the support of national policies and the strong demand of the lithium battery oriented market for valve products, especially the commencement of several century projects such as West to east gas transmission, West to East power transmission, South to North Water Diversion and so on, which require a large number of valve products

China is gradually becoming the largest processing plant in the world, and the processing and manufacturing of valve products are facing greater development space. It can be seen that as long as enterprises can seize the opportunity, strengthen research and development capabilities, and continuously improve the scientific and technological content and quality of products, they can occupy an active position in the fierce market competition

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