Problems in door, window and curtain wall industry

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Problems of door, window and curtain wall industry under the new normal

the entry of economic development into the new normal is a major strategic judgment put forward by the central government. Under the new normal, the speed of economic development is bound to slow down, and structural adjustment is bound to be painful. The development of the real estate construction industry is closely related to the changes in the national economic trend. As the downstream of the industrial chain, the door, window and curtain wall industry must actively adapt and actively adjust. Through the service industry for many years, the visited enterprises have truly felt that there are many problems in the operation of traditional industries, such as the rising cost of manpower and raw materials, product homogenization, overcapacity and imbalance between supply and demand, and the intensification of the contradiction between supply and demand caused by the rapid growth of production, especially the upstream and downstream float glass and conventional profile products of doors, windows and curtain walls

first of all, let's list the current problems. The new characteristics of the development of the door, window and curtain wall industry under the leading and new normal are reflected in the slow growth rate of development. The high-speed growth of the construction industry relying on national fixed asset investment has become history. The era of enterprises pursuing economies of scale has ended, and the contradiction between supply and demand of the industry will become more prominent. Second, the situation of disorderly competition in the industry is being reversed, and the market is returning to rationality. Enterprises will face a new test of integrity and strict management. Third, enterprises seek new economic growth points in the transformation, and the business model and service connotation will gradually change. Fourth, the labor cost of construction and building materials related industries continues to rise, and high-quality talents and labor services will become scarce resources in the market

Tips 1: transform the business model, expand service connotation, and enhance independent innovation. Of course, many adult enthusiasts are also obsessed with the motivation of Lego building blocks

first, we should seize the opportunity of new urbanization construction and seek new economic growth points. In the past, most enterprises adjusted their business structure around scale and across fields, and everyone wanted to go out. However, the reduction of total amount meant that the investment in fixed assets in most fields would be gradually reduced. Under the new normal, enterprises should turn their attention to independent innovation, track new trends in consumption, and seek new growth points in construction and building materials services. For example, adopt PPP or BOT mode in infrastructure construction to improve the efficiency of resource absorption and allocation; Provide convenient maintenance and renovation, door and window upgrading, decoration function improvement and other new service projects in the reconstruction of old cities and houses; Provide technical consultation and agent construction services in the construction of curtain wall projects. Second, we should pay attention to the management research of the whole life cycle of buildings. At present, there are many wastes in the management of building resources in the country. The reason is that there are certain problems in the management system of real estate. Large scale curtain wall construction enterprises should gradually extend their business tentacles to design, repair, maintenance, operation and transformation when the commissioning is good, provide more humanized curtain wall projects and door and window products to the society, and provide value-added services for curtain wall building management, so as to obtain value-added profits. Third, make a difference in green building and construction. Green construction will test the new technological progress of enterprises, and energy conservation and environmental protection services will enhance the new competitiveness of enterprises. Fourth, we should transform from scale efficiency to quality efficiency and provide high-quality services. At present, the good project quality is only reflected in some excellent products. Taking the leakage of the facade of the curtain wall as an example, more than 50% of the projects have such hidden dangers to varying degrees. The quality improvement of reputable enterprises is to improve the quality of all products and the quality of all door, window and curtain wall engineering details. I believe that the society will eventually recognize the principle of "high quality and good price"

trick 2: actively and steadily promote the modern industrialization of the construction industry

in the 1980s, it was called industrialization or assembly. In fact, this has gone through many twists and turns in the history of China's door, window and curtain wall enterprises, as well as many experiences and lessons. There are three key issues in the modern industrialization of the door, window and curtain wall industry under the new normal: first, consumer demand, which depends on the government's administrative order, is temporary. The market determines the allocation of resources and also determines the demand for curtain walls and doors and windows. We should pay attention to market and consumer psychological analysis. In the initial stage, the government should guide the public to enter new energy-saving options for doors, windows and curtain walls, and provide more convenient and environmentally friendly assembly buildings in policy, so as to form a new consumption attraction. Second, market players. Large enterprises should see the development trend of the door, window and curtain wall industry in the future, introduce the BIM system into the project management, and take the initiative to take the road of integration of design, processing, assembly and construction. Based on the actual situation of the enterprise and the principle of efficiency and benefit, the proportion between the production volume of factory components and on-site construction should be arranged to gradually reflect the competitive advantage. Third, we should make steady progress. The modern industrialization of the door, window and curtain wall industry is a long-term task, and the industrialized processing technology and standards of components have only begun to be put into practice. In particular, there is still a difficult way to mature the market. Therefore, we should make steady progress, but also persevere, and we must not coax it, resulting in a waste of new resources

trick 3: accelerate the construction of integrity system and create a standardized construction market

the problem of overcharging margin in the market has brought harm to engineering enterprises, but it also shows that there is still a certain lack of credit in the construction and construction industry in the society. Market order depends not only on supervision, but also on the credibility of market players. Behind the oversupply of door, window and curtain wall market, there is serious disorderly competition and waste of resources. Excess production capacity is mainly due to too many enterprises and interest groups chasing profits, and there are still insufficient enterprises and talents with real capacity. From the government level, we should implement the new bidding method as soon as possible, return the bidding right to the project contractor, ensure the openness and transparency of the market, and gradually eliminate the interference of rent-seeking phenomenon and the high transaction cost. At the enterprise level, we should actively regulate the behavior of the main body and create an image of honest management. Integrity management is also a kind of competitiveness. In the future, enterprises have a lot of room to improve their reputation in providing new value-added services. At the same time, the establishment of the industry integrity system can also greatly reduce the risk of enterprise management

support four: the construction of workers in the door, window and curtain wall industry

under the new normal, the labor productivity of door, window and curtain wall has the following characteristics: excellent labor force will become a scarce resource; High technology, high quality and high salary of labor demand; Enterprises need a stable labor force. As migrant workers, migrant workers need to have the ownership of work and career while pursuing urbanization and life security, and have a stable employment calculation standard: GB 16776 (2) 005 gb/t 528 (1) 998. Large door, window and curtain wall enterprises should treat the construction of industrial workers from the strategic perspective of resource allocation. Whoever has a relatively stable and excellent labor team will have a new market competitiveness. We should strengthen the training of new employees, improve their technical quality, edify the corporate culture, and gradually establish a sense of achievement and honor for industrial workers

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under the internal economic cycle, carry out statistical analysis in groups. In April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of domestic epidemic prevention and control, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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