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Abstract: in order to change the management mode of small hydropower power supply areas and realize "two changes and one same price" as soon as possible, the power supply department has accepted small hydropower power supply areas, which has brought some problems and difficulties to power supply enterprises. The paper puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to solve the problems

key words: Small Hydropower reception of power supply enterprises in order to change the management mode of small hydropower power supply areas, cancel intermediate management links, realize the same price of urban and rural electricity as soon as possible, reduce the burden of farmers, and promote rural economic development. The people's Government of Rui'an City, Rui'an Power Supply Bureau, Rui'an Water Conservancy Bureau and other relevant departments jointly formed the "two reforms" leading group, and according to the spirit of the State Council Guo Fa [1999] No. 2 and the general office of the State Council Guo Ban Fa [1999] No. 134 and Guo Ban Fa [1995] No. 65 documents, it was determined that the power generation and supply functions of small hydropower power supply areas should be separated, and the power generation part should be independently operated and accounted by the original hydropower station, with its own profits and losses. The power supply part is all changed into the power supply station or power supply business office of the power supply enterprise, and the personnel, finance and materials are included in the unified management of the power supply enterprise. So far, 4 small hydropower power supply areas and 18 towns have signed transfer agreements with power supply enterprises since March 2002. However, the acceptance has brought some problems, and also brought troubles and challenges to the development of power supply enterprises. This paper puts forward some suggestions on the problems caused by the reception of small hydropower power supply areas and how to solve them for your reference. 1. Problems caused by reception (1) there are hidden dangers and unsafe factors: because most of the small hydropower power supply areas are located in mountainous and mid mountainous areas of our city, the area is wide, the power supply lines are long, the line diameter is thin, the poles and lines are not standard, and the equipment is old and aging. According to statistics, there are 535.23km 10kV power supply lines, 3919.5km low-voltage lines, 1685 Rural Integrated transformers with a capacity of 109350kva, 120180 lighting users and 5955 power users. 7m poles and 6.3kV insulators are used for 10kv High-voltage lines, which can be seen everywhere. 90% of the transformer bottom is not more than 1.5m above the ground. It is not uncommon for high-voltage lines to be only 15cm away from buildings. The section of some 10kv High-voltage conductors is only 16mm2, etc. The whole power supply area is 731.11km2, with a wide range, scattered layout, and too many dangerous points to be counted. In addition, the newly incorporated electricity administrators and agricultural electricians have low cultural level, poor safety awareness, and habitual illegal operations, which have brought many difficulties to the safe operation, safe production, and safe management of our bureau. (2) Difficulties encountered in the implementation of power transformation: ① because the rural road planning is unreasonable, and most villages have no planning, the road bends are narrowed, while local governments and village cadres in a few areas are driven by interests. At the same time, they lack understanding of "two reforms and one same price", and lack of support for the agricultural reform of the power sector, which brings great difficulties to policy processing and construction. Some places charge too high compensation prices, which affect the progress of the reform project. ② According to the national regulations, the fees after the table are raised by the users themselves, and our bureau collects them according to the standards in the zhejiagong [1999] No. 436 document of the provincial Materials Bureau, and at the same time, the immigrant villages and extremely poor households are reduced or exempted. However, some village cadres and villagers do not have enough understanding of agricultural transformation, and there is the idea of "waiting, relying, and demanding" that their husband is ill. It is very difficult to collect the post balance sheet transformation facility fee, which makes it difficult to implement the construction and transformation projects in these villages. (3) Electricity charges are difficult to collect: ① small hydropower power supply areas owe a huge amount of electricity charges. Because the original small hydropower power supply area is sold at a wholesale level, and the village contracted operation and management mode, first of all, the large wholesale is sold to the hydropower station, then the hydropower station is resold to the rural power station, and then the rural power station is sold to the village electricians. After many links, the power is supplied to the households. Administrative expenses are increased at all levels, and the electricity price is artificially raised driven by interests. Due to the high electricity price, coupled with the weak economy, poor operating conditions and difficult capital turnover in poor mountainous areas, some villagers are unable to guarantee their basic livelihood and are simply unable to raise funds to pay electricity bills in time. After the power supply area is shunted, the original power charge function of the power station will not exist, and it is no longer possible to take effective measures such as power outage to collect the electricity charge owed, resulting in the inability of the hydropower station to pay the electricity charge owed to Ruian Power Supply Bureau. By the end of September 2002, the original hydropower station had owed nearly 12million yuan in electricity charges, including 6million yuan in Hantian village in Xianyan power supply area, 1million yuan in four villages including luofengshahe, 1million yuan in Huling area, 2.5 million yuan in Taoshan area and 1.5 million yuan in high-rise area. ② After receiving the power supply area of the hydropower station, the electricity department will directly read the meter to the household. Due to the influence of many factors in the past, it is difficult to collect the electricity charge, and the preferential policies in the reservoir area have not been fulfilled, which makes it even more difficult to recover the electricity charge. According to statistics, the newly generated electricity charges are about 11.75 million yuan, the arrears are about 5million yuan, and the recovery rate is less than 60%. (4) The line loss is extremely high and the loss is too large: most of the original small hydropower supply areas belong to economically backward areas, with weak electrical structure and poor power supply facilities. The electricity maintenance funds are extracted from the electricity and classified according to the performance. Due to the small power consumption, the maintenance fee income is insignificant, coupled with management reasons, the rural electricity maintenance fee is not really used for electricity maintenance, so that the electricity in the small hydropower supply areas cannot be rectified and maintained for a long time, As a result, the line loss of the whole power supply area remains high. For example, the low-voltage line loss rate of villages and towns supplied by Linxi hydropower station is as high as 30%, and the high-voltage line loss rate is as high as 24%, which is far from the national standard of low-voltage line loss rate of no more than 12%, and high-voltage line loss rate of less than 10%. After the handover of the power supply area, the household electricity price will go immediately. Various parts of the country have expressed their desire to start the graphene project, and the electricity transformation needs a process, but the extremely high line loss has brought great losses to our bureau, which is estimated to make us lose up to 3million yuan by the end of 2002. 2 countermeasures and suggestions (1) strive for the attention of the local government and promote the power transformation: the power transformation in the original hydropower supply area is difficult and involves a wide range of aspects, which needs the high attention and support of the local government leaders, and the close cooperation of the relevant departments. The power department should give full play to the role of public opinion and social supervision, and carry out extensive publicity work, so that the significance of power transformation is well known, everyone cares about it and everyone helps it, So as to promote the progress of electrical transformation. At the same time, according to the particularity of mountain geography, we should formulate plans, deploy in a unified way, implement step by step, first easy, then difficult, promote in layers, and completely solve the old and aging backwardness of the original power supply lines and power supply equipment. (2) Improve the quality of employees and enhance service awareness: power enterprises involve thousands of households, especially after the reception of small hydropower power supply areas, the scope of enterprise management is expanded, and the service is beneficial to

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