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Matters needing attention for tractor operation in summer

summer is www.mechnet com. cn/"> the season of frequent tractor operation is also the peak of all kinds of accidents. Therefore, the following four points should be paid attention to during tractor operation in summer:

the horizontal tension testing machine of hook and loop lock of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the static tensile performance test of materials and parts. 1. Select the appropriate lubricating oil. In summer, the tractor's lubricating oil, and the northern region can generally choose No. 11 diesel engine oil to ensure The lubricating oil has enough viscosity to reduce the wear of parts

2. Change the position of the change-over valve of the lubricating oil radiator in time. When the tractor enters summer operation, turn the change-over valve of the lubricating oil radiator to the position where the oil passage leading to the radiator is opened, so that the lubricating oil can dissipate heat, so as to maintain the normal temperature of the lubricating oil and prevent overheating

3. Often add soft water to the water tank. Because the locomotive heats up quickly in summer, the water tank is easy to "boil", the water evaporates more, and the scale in the water tank is easier to form, Therefore, it is necessary to often add stretching space to the water tank in this way (it can be increased to more than 210 meters and add cold soft water. Each time you add cold water to the water tank, you should use low-speed and small throttle to idle for a period of time. The "Green Plan" has been praised by all parties. You can't add it after the water temperature drops. You can't "boil the pot" Add it immediately to prevent the engine from cracking due to stress concentration due to sudden cooling and heating

4. Avoid long-term continuous operation. If long-term continuous operation is required, stop the vehicle once every other period of time to check the temperature of the tire, water temperature, oil temperature, machine temperature, etc. if the temperature is too high, continue the operation after the temperature drops

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