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Problems brought about by the replacement of ethanol gasoline for vehicles to fire safety

ethanol gasoline refers to a new type of clean vehicle fuel prepared by adding a certain proportion of denatured fuel ethanol (10% according to China's regulations) to the gasoline component oil by volume. Denatured fuel ethanol is a high-purity absolute alcohol produced by special equipment and specific processes, and it is a special alcohol for blending ethanol gasoline for vehicles. The label of ethanol gasoline for vehicles is added with the letter E before the gasoline label. The variety is the same as that of ordinary gasoline, namely: E90, E93, E95, E97

since ethanol gasoline for vehicles has the advantages of full combustion, low harmful gas emissions, and reduction of impurity precipitation in the oil system, in addition to the manufacturer of Milacron uniloy, ossberger, and Aoki machinery, the state has shut down institutions to advocate the promotion of ethanol gasoline for vehicles throughout the country

ethanol is not only an organic solvent with excellent performance, but also a denatured fuel. The vehicle ethanol gasoline prepared from it has many advantages, but also brings some problems to its fire prevention and fire fighting work in the process of storage, transportation, sales and use:

cleaning methods: first, review whether the high-pressure oil circuit system can leak oil. 1. During storage, ordinary gasoline stored in oil depots belongs to water-insoluble class a liquid, When using liquid spray, fluoroprotein, aqueous film-forming or film-forming oxyprotein foam solution should be used; When using underwater spray foam to extinguish the fire, the foam liquid of fluoroprotein, aqueous film-forming or film-forming fluoroegg should be selected

for the storage of ethanol gasoline for vehicles, it is necessary to choose insoluble foam. Insiders pointed out that in recent years, the treatment and recycling of waste plastic foam, and the choice of fire extinguishing system has also changed. For gasoline fixed roof storage tanks that belong to water-insoluble class a liquid, liquid, liquid or semi liquid foam extinguishing systems can be selected; For the fixed roof storage tank of vehicle ethanol gasoline, the liquid or semi liquid foam extinguishing system should be selected. This requires the transformation of the storage tank that used the underwater spray foam fire extinguishing system into a semi liquid or liquid spray fire extinguishing system. For new oil depots, the design of underwater foam extinguishing system is not selected

2. In the process of transportation and use, the foam fire extinguisher equipped with the original transportation vehicle also needs to be adjusted, and the best choice is ABC dry powder fire extinguisher. Because for the fire caused by the failure of the oil circuit system, the function of the foam extinguisher is powerless. According to the code for design of extinguisher distribution in buildings, the foam extinguisher cannot be used as the extinguisher equipped in the garage, and the original foam extinguisher should be replaced by ABC dry powder extinguisher of the same level. For class I underground garage and class I repair garage, if the foam sprinkler system is set, the foam liquid equipped should also be replaced with insoluble foam liquid due to the reason of vehicle ethanol oil

3. In the sales process, ethanol gasoline also puts forward new requirements for the types of fire extinguishers equipped in gas stations in many cars. According to the code for design and construction of automobile refueling stations, every two fuel dispensers shall be equipped with at least one 4kg portable dry powder extinguisher and one foam extinguisher. Now, such implementation is inconsistent with the actual fire extinguishing needs. Each two fuel dispensers should be equipped with two 4kg portable dry powder fire extinguishers, and one 4kg portable dry powder fire extinguisher should be used to replace the foam fire extinguisher

4. For the fire forces on duty, if there are oil depots or gas stations in the area, the insoluble foam liquid should be prepared on the basis of the original ordinary foam. The fire supervision and inspection personnel should also pay attention to the emergence of vehicle ethanol gasoline when carrying out fire supervision and inspection, and urge relevant units and personnel to replace fire extinguishing agents that conform to the actual situation

insoluble foam is suitable for ethanol fires and gasoline fires. However, after ethanol and gasoline are mixed in a certain proportion, there is still a lack of clear test results on the fire extinguishing performance of insoluble foam liquid. Therefore, whether the insoluble foam can really effectively extinguish vehicle ethanol gasoline fires remains to be tested by national authorities

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