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Problems in the development of forklift dealers

forklift trucks, as professional handling machinery for modern logistics, have developed rapidly in various countries. China's forklift industry started in 1958. Due to various reasons, the whole industry has not been able to form a scale for a long time. Until the late 1990s, the development of the industry has undergone a fundamental change. The production enterprises have rapidly developed from the initial more than 10 to 10 in 20O7. With the extensive use of electric measurement and electronic control technology on experimental machines, the annual sales volume has soared from more than 20000 to more than 130000 in 2007. The development of industry dealers has also experienced a process from yuan to some

generally speaking, dealers in the forklift industry have a fixed number of customers, even the car interior, and their unique qualifications can enable manufacturers to quickly open the market; At the same time, dealers have a better understanding of the reputation of local customers introduced by construction experts, which can reduce the transaction risk and transaction cost of forklifts. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to explore the current situation and development of domestic forklift dealers. However, it is undeniable that there are still many problems in the development of forklift dealers; (1) Late start and insufficient financial strength; (2) Small scale and weak technical force; (3) Family management and uneven regional distribution; (4) Weak management, high concentration of upstream and downstream industries, low level, low cost, poor reputation, and lack of brand loyalty; (5) Heavy platform volume, light service

in view of the above problems, in order to promote the healthy development of forklift dealers, it is suggested that dealers should correctly handle the relationship with manufacturers; Attach importance to technology and strive to improve service quality; Establish a good model of brand management and professional management; Improve the management level, reasonably allocate business areas, and eliminate disorderly competition

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