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Problems in the printing process

printing should be carried out after printing. If the temperature of the developer in the plate punching machine is too low, the washing speed of the plate punching machine is too fast, and the development time will be shortened, the development will be bound to be insufficient. This kind of material has good characteristics such as light weight, high strength and good heat resistance, and the printing plate will not be washed clean. If the developer concentration is not enough, and the time for replenishing the developer is adjusted too long, the printing plate will not be fully developed

the way to eliminate the above faults is to check the temperature and development time of the developer and adjust them to reasonable data. When using developer, the manufacturer will provide the proportion of the formula, which should be done according to the proportion. But sometimes it can be thickened. The plate punching machine should be repaired in time, the rubber rollers should be replaced, and the crystals in the tank and on the pipe wall should be cleaned regularly

the specific method is: use oxalic acid to circulate water in the plate washing machine and effectively remove dirt. At the same time, the brush roller on the machine should also be cleaned and replaced if necessary. In addition, in the process of removing dirt from new materials, careless operation, the proportion of various raw materials, insufficient amount of dirt removal liquid, short time of using liquid, failure of dirt removal injection, and drying of dirt removal liquid on the layout may cause printing plate dirt

in the process of gluing, the use of low concentration glue and the oxidation of non graphic parts will cause the printing plate to get dirty. The solution to this kind of problem is: after the dirt removal injection is used up, it should be covered tightly; The layout should be fully washed after dirt removal. When gluing, the glue concentration should be increased and the glue injection should be uniform; For the printing plate after gluing, the length of the plate shall be dry before printing

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