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Talking about: plastic bag manufacturers are a little worried

usually go shopping in supermarkets, and merchants will provide plastic bags free of charge with plastrude, Australia. However, this habit must be changed in the future. According to the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags issued by the general office of the State Council, since June 1st, 2008, a paid use system of plastic shopping bags has been implemented in all supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other commodity retail places, and plastic shopping bags are not allowed to be provided free of charge. What is the response of major supermarkets and shopping malls in Nanjing after the release of this notice, and what is the attitude of citizens towards this? Recently conducted an interview

the consumption of plastic bags is amazing

on a recent weekend, I visited a Suguo hypermarket next to Nanjing East long distance bus station. At the exit cashier, we noticed that there was a long line in front of each checkout counter, and the average consumer who finished the checkout had to take away two plastic bags. A long line came down, and the stack of plastic bags just added at the cash register was about to bottom out

head Hu of Suguo supermarket told that on a daily basis, each Suguo supermarket consumes 30000 plastic bags on average, 3000 to 5000 in community stores and more than 1000 in convenience stores. It is conceivable that Nanjing consumes more plastic bags every day

experts said that plastic bags after use are extremely difficult to handle and cause great damage to the environment. According to relevant statistical data, plastic bag garbage in Nanjing urban area exceeds 25000 tons every year

supermarket stores responded positively to the notice of restricting the sale of plastic bags. Chief Hu said that Su Guo would strictly implement any policy and regulation issued by the state, and this time was no exception

the annual production capacity will be increased to 3million and 1.5 million sets of supermarket shopping bags respectively, and the charge will certainly significantly reduce the use of plastic bags, which is a great good thing for environmental protection. Suguo advocates inviting the vegetable basket, allowing consumers to bring their own cloth bags, and will take a variety of means to change consumers' long-term consumption and living habits, such as the introduction of trade in, that is, consumers reuse plastic bags, which can not only be replaced for free, but also become a heat insulation material manufacturers' Association. For this organization that has focused on hard bubbles in the past 51 years, it seems to be a bold decision to get gifts

as a foreign-funded enterprise, manager Chen Hongwen of Wal Mart's Corporate Affairs Department said that the supermarket will also fully cooperate with the relevant national policies and regulations, and may distribute some free cloth bags at that time

environmental protection department: the limit is not equal to the prohibition

how does the attitude of consumers need to be removed? Then an investigation was made

many consumers support the new policy issued by the State Council. Plastic bags are indeed heavily polluted. The introduction of this policy is conducive to environmental protection

however, some consumers have questioned that if you spend so much money in the supermarket, who cares about the few cents? Even if you charge, people who need to use plastic bags will still use them. At that time, this rule is not a dead letter

more consumers point out that their usual garbage bags are plastic bags brought back from shopping in the supermarket. If the plastic bags in the supermarket are no longer free, they are bound to spend money on garbage bags, which cannot be saved

production enterprises are a little worried

there are many plastic products production enterprises in Nanjing. How much impact does the ban of the State Council have on them

Bian Jianzhong, the director of a plastic products factory in Nanjing, said that the implementation of policies and regulations will inevitably have a certain impact on plastic packaging production enterprises

according to Bian, their company has always established a good supply relationship of plastic bags with supermarkets such as Hualian. The issuance of the notice restricting the sale of plastic bags, especially the requirements for the thickness of plastic film, will undoubtedly bring pressure to enterprises

however, it will not hurt the whole industry, because most manufacturing enterprises will not only produce this kind of product. The profit of plastic bag production is not high, so it generally accounts for a small proportion in the product structure of enterprises. An insider pointed out

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