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Talking about the management, use and maintenance of numerical control equipment

numerical control machine tool is a kind of production equipment with high precision, high efficiency and certain flexibility. The use of CNC machine tools and the management and maintenance ability of CNC machine tools all determine the utilization rate of CNC equipment and the efficiency of enterprises. Now I would like to talk about my company's experience in the management, use and maintenance of CNC machine tools

I. early management

1 Choose CNC machine tools according to the typical parts to be processed

2. The equipment selection should consider the operability and maintainability of the mechanical part of the machine tool and the control system, especially the control system should be familiar to the unit, with advanced performance and the same manufacturer as much as possible. At the same time, many aspects such as after-sales service, personnel training, installation and commissioning, machine tool accessories, spare parts, tool system, programming system, and the comprehensiveness of data provided should be considered for future use

3. Carry out market research according to the technical performance of the preliminarily selected CNC machine tools, especially to the manufacturers with similar performance CNC machine tools, so as to provide various effective reference data

4. After entering the plant, the equipment should be carefully installed and debugged, which is very important for future operation, maintenance and management. The installation and commissioning process is also a training process for operators, programmers, maintenance personnel and managers when operating and using the spring testing machine. Our company usually trains personnel in the process of installation and commissioning, because there is on-site guidance from the machine tool manufacturer at this time, which is convenient for us to master the equipment operation technology and maintenance technology

5. The NC and PC parameters of the attached accessories are very important for future maintenance work. It is best to confirm the actual NC parameters with the PC parameters (compare with the NC parameters provided by the manufacturer and the ladder diagram to see whether they are consistent), and copy and archive these data with the computer floppy disk to prevent the loss of important data

6. CNC system has strict requirements for power supply, and the general working voltage is 220V ± 10%. Most electric voltages in China are unstable and fluctuate greatly. In addition, there are often large interference sources near the power supply, which will cause random distortion of the power waveform, directly affect the stability of the CNC system and accelerate the damage of electronic devices. Our company is specially equipped with SJW automatic compensation power regulator for CNC equipment, which provides a strong guarantee for the normal work of the system

II. Use and maintenance

1 The structure of CNC machine tool is complex and the operation is difficult. The CNC equipment operators of our company are selected from those who have experience in the production of ordinary machine tools. They can operate independently only after being passed on, helped and led by masters with rich experience in the operation of CNC machine tools to make them master the performance of CNC machine tools. In view of the particularity of CNC machine tools, we have specially set up a CNC section that is convenient for centralized management. At the same time, we have set up a CNC major in the factory technical school to realize the professionalization and specialization of operators and maintain the relative stability of the team

2. Organize a full-time programming team composed of people with college or above education, professional theoretical knowledge and practical operation ability, and highly dedicated, willing to study and professional dedication. This is also one of the ways to improve equipment utilization and give full play to equipment efficiency

3. The equipment management department shall formulate the operation and maintenance procedures and strengthen the business training, so that the operators can operate the CNC equipment correctly and try to avoid the failure and shutdown caused by improper operation. At the same time, establish a point inspection system and a regular adjustment system for the accuracy of machine tools, establish maintenance files and shift records of numerical control equipment, and record the operation and failure of numerical control equipment in detail, so as to provide reference for future operation and maintenance

4. Strengthen maintenance. Maintenance is one of the effective ways to improve the utilization rate of equipment and reduce the failure rate, and it is also an important measure to carry out preventive maintenance. For example, the air filter and radiator of the refrigerator of our vturn-46 precision CNC lathe are required to be cleaned regularly? The LLDPE packaging material of 705 antioxidant was successfully washed. Otherwise, due to large dust, the air volume will be reduced, causing the malfunction of high-voltage switch and failure shutdown

III. maintenance

1 Maintenance is to keep the CNC machine in good technical condition and make it fully effective. In order to strengthen the maintenance force, our company has specially established an electromechanical integration group composed of mechanical and electrical professionals in the mechanical power company to undertake the maintenance of CNC equipment of the whole company. They are composed of old technicians with rich maintenance experience, teachers and college students with strong professional knowledge, which provides a strong guarantee for the normal operation of our CNC equipment

2. Some machine tool failures are caused by unreasonable structure or improper maintenance. Summarizing the maintenance experience in time can provide an important basis for future equipment selection and equipment management. For example, we found that the bending deformation of the x-direction steel inlaid guide rail of ck3263a CNC lathe in use was caused by the long running time and the lack of counterweight of the turret tool rest, which was a congenital deficiency of the machine tool, which provided a reliable basis for future model selection; Another example is the TND360 CNC lathe we used. When we found that the tool holder was not positioned correctly during work, we opened the tool holder and found that the coolant entered into the tool holder, and there was corrosion, resulting in inaccurate action. Therefore, when processing parts at ordinary times, we should scrub and clean the coolant and chips in time to reduce the occurrence of faults

3. Strengthen professional training and improve the technical level of maintenance personnel

4. Boldly make technical improvements where existing equipment often fails. For example, the XH754 machining center of our company found that the main shaft was not sealed tightly, which led to the entry of coolant and corrosion of the main shaft bearings, which seriously affected the accuracy of the main shaft. (the bearing is a Japanese nskc group centripetal ball bearing, which is expensive, and the price of each set is about 15000 yuan). According to the research of technicians, the original main shaft seal is a labyrinth seal, and the lubrication form is nbu-15 grease lubrication, and there is no liquid

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