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Talking about ticket printing numbering machine

we know that flat printing, gravure printing and sudden printing are the three main printing processes in ticket printing production. Although the sudden printing process is a widely used printing method, it is mainly used to print the number on the ticket in ticket printing

although the number forms on modern tickets are different, each ticket must be printed with a number. As early as the Jin Dynasty in China, in addition to printing the issuing authority and tax cash location, the paper money also had a code, but at that time, instead of using numbers as the code, the Chinese characters with a fixed sequence in the thousand character text, a general textbook widely circulated among the people and specially used for literacy, were printed on the paper money according to needs and in different permutations and combinations, so as to play the role of numbering

in western countries, the original bank notes are handwritten by bank staff with the issuance date and number for anti-counterfeiting, but its market share is expected to reach 108billion US dollars in 2022 - which is not standardized, and the other is inefficient. It was not until 1809 that Britain invented a manual coder called brama that they were liberated from the tedious manual labor. At that time, a banknote generally used two printing techniques: the main body was carved gravure; The date and number are embossed, which is not only a very effective means of anti-counterfeiting at that time, but also an important means of anti-counterfeiting even now

I. The role of ticket numbers

as we said above, note numbers are accompanied by notes, so from this point of view, the status of negotiable securities numbers is very important. Let's explain its importance from the perspective of the role of ticket numbers

1. Identification function

ticket number is generally composed of prefix and digital number. Crown, which means taking the first, is usually placed in front of the Arabic numerals of the ticket (there are also the arrangement of crown characters after the numbers), and the crown characters of Jue are generally roman numbers, English letters or Chinese pinyin. The prefix and number on the ticket are mainly used to distinguish the printing time, place, sequence, quantity and other elements of the product. This kind of marking function is reflected in the printing and production process of tickets as well as its circulation process

2. Anti counterfeiting effect

1) the printing method of ticket number is sudden printing. Under the effect of printing pressure, this kind of printing method will inevitably leave concave marks on the front and protruding marks on the back of the ticket. This kind of sudden printing can be visually identified by eyes and felt by hands, which is a significant feature different from other printing processes. In actual circulation, many counterfeit banknotes use other methods (such as lithography) to print numbers, so if the above methods are used to identify them, it is easy to distinguish their authenticity

2) there is a certain rule in the process standards such as the font, font style, thickness, outline size and sequence of ticket numbers, while counterfeit products must be contrary to this rule

3) the printing process of ticket number is realized by number changing printing on the printing machine, while the manufacturing of ticket, especially the special numbering machine for securities, is relatively difficult. Generally speaking, the anti-counterfeiting performance of a process is directly proportional to its manufacturing difficulty. Therefore, from this point of view, the anti-counterfeiting performance of ticket numbers is relatively good

4) ink is the medium of number printing. Through the selection of number color and performance, such as using magnetic ink, color changing ink and other methods, it can also play a good anti-counterfeiting role

3. Decorative function

as an important part of the ticket pattern, the color, shape, font, composition and layout of the number on the ticket are appropriate, which plays a decorative role in the overall effect of the ticket

second, the process of ticket number printing

let's illustrate the relationship between number printing and the whole ticket printing process with an illustration

design, plate making, printing, printing number, checking number, supplementing number, checking completion

from the printing process of the whole ticket in the figure, number printing is the last process of the whole printing process. Before that, more than 80% of the workload of the whole print has been completed, and the production is drawing to an end. In this sense, the quality of number printing plays a key role in the production cost of the whole ticket. Because most of the production costs have occurred before printing, the added value of the products has been very high. From this point of view, the quality of the numbering machine is an extremely important factor that affects the printing of codes. It may be necessary to slightly improve the condenser in order to obtain sufficient lighting quality. Therefore, improving the quality of numbering machine and reducing the scrap rate of number printing have great economic benefits for enterprises

III. structure principle and production process characteristics

numbering machine is a small precision mechanical (Electrical) product installed on the printing machine to change the number of printed products. It is a special printing machine accessory

a typical numbering machine is composed of casing, central shaft, word wheel and other parts. The selection of manufacturing materials for numbering machine parts is relatively strict. Generally, different materials should be selected according to different functions, but basically various types of steel are used

The structural principle of the numbering machine is composed of two parts of mechanical infrastructure. The power transmission principle of the numbering machine is the principle of four-bar mechanism, and the positioning and carry of the word wheel is the principle of ratchet mechanism

The numbering machine is installed on the roller ring of the code printer and moves in a circular motion. The first step is to transform the circular motion of the numbering roller ring into the reciprocating motion of the carrying pendulum of the numbering machine with the help of the principle of the protruding wheel mechanism; The second step is to transform the linear motion of the carry swing rod of the numbering machine into the linear motion of the carry teeth by means of the lever mechanism principle of the swing rod and bow of the numbering machine; Finally, through the ratchet mechanism of the numbering machine, the linear motion of the carry tooth is transformed into the unidirectional and intermittent circular carry motion of the word accumulation

The production of the numbering machine belongs to the nature of precision machining. The production process involves turning, milling, etching, grinding, drilling and other types of work, and the production process involves precision machining, mold design, manufacturing, cold processing, heat treatment, metal material surface treatment and other disciplines. Among them, the engraving process of the number machine wheel is very difficult, and it is also a very distinctive part of the number machine production process

the function of numbering machine on printing machine is basically similar to that of printing plate, Its main function is to shape (with the help of printing pressure, the ink in the text part is transferred to the printed matter. However, there are also great differences between the two. In addition to the clear and consistent text, accurate and stable specifications and other characteristics of the printing plate, the most prominent feature of the numbering machine is to realize variable number printing. In the printing process, in addition to the relative movement between the numbering machine and the printed matter, the numbering machine itself also needs to do intermittent carry variable number movement. That is, the characteristics of the printing plate It is to realize static printing, and the characteristic of numbering machine is to realize dynamic printing. Especially on the high-speed code printing machine, the printing speed is as high as about 300 sheets per minute, and the numbering machine must maintain accurate, continuous and gradual movement. Under this condition, the requirements for the overall processing accuracy of the numbering machine and the feasibility of materials are very high

in addition, general tickets are large quantities of valuable printed materials. The special numbering machine not only requires accurate rounding, but also the shape printed on the ticket surface requires consistent ink color, accurate specification and the same thickness, which requires that the number font should have high quality. The character wheel material for printing numbers should be pressure resistant, wear-resistant and print resistant. The printing resistance of high-quality numbering machines is generally required to reach more than 100million printing times

to sum up, the standard of high-quality numbering machine can be: flush, consistent font, accurate carry, high printing resistance

IV. variety and classification

numbering machines can be divided into two categories: rotary numbering machines and platform numbering machines according to different printing methods

1. rotary numbering machine

rotary numbering machine is mainly used in rotary code printing machine. It adopts the printing method of round pressing, and the printing speed is relatively high. Generally, it can print about 100-300 pieces per minute

rotary numbering machines can be divided into the following types according to different standards

1) according to different carry modes, it can be divided into automatic reset type and passive reset type

2) according to the different installation positions of the central shaft of the numbering machine and the mandrel of the numbering roller, it can be divided into: flat numbering machine with an angle of 0 ° C and arc numbering machine with an angle of 90 ° C

3) according to whether the numbering machine has automatic error correction function, it can be divided into ordinary mechanical rotary numbering machine and electromechanical automatic rotary numbering machine

on the high-speed printing machine, if the common mechanical numbering machine has the problem of wrong number or uneven ten day arrangement, it can only be found through manual inspection, which is very troublesome. The automatic numbering machine can solve this problem with its special function. The character wheel of the numbering machine needs to rotate every time it enters the position. The automatic numbering machine specially designs a relatively static and fixed device for the movement of the character wheel on the numbering machine. Both the device and the character wheel are equipped with magnetic materials. When the character wheel rotates, regular electromagnetic pulse signals will be generated between them. These pulse signals are collected and processed by the computer, So as to control the carry of the numbering machine and display the polyamide oil pan test sample at the fault point under the condition of injecting 120 ℃ high-temperature engine oil. The application of this technology can ensure that the number is continuous in the printing production, and the wrong number and dislocation do not exceed the standard, thus realizing the effective control of the printing process, eliminating the manual quality inspection in the printing and code checking process, which not only improves the efficiency, but also ensures the quality. It should be said that this kind of automatic numbering machine with accelerated pace of technological innovation in electromechanical integration (5) industry represents the development direction of numbering machine production

2. platform numbering machine

platform numbering machine is mainly used in platform code printing machine. It adopts flat or round flattening printing method, and the printing speed is relatively low

the platform numbering machine controls the number carry through the reciprocating motion of a pressure piston device. According to the different relative positions between the pressure piston and the inking rubber roller, the platform numbering machine can be divided into vertical pressure platform numbering machine and horizontal pressure platform numbering machine. In actual production, the platform numbering machine is not only used for small batch printing, but also used for supplementary printing

in addition to the above classification, the numbering machine can also be divided into several specifications and varieties according to different crown characters and numbers, different font shapes, different carry modes, different overall dimensions, etc., which will not be repeated here

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