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The beverage industry talks about the demand for carton packaging

with the arrival of the hot summer, the peak season of the beverage industry has arrived. As an indispensable part of this summer, how do they evaluate their paper product packaging? On this issue, I visited several beverage enterprises a few days ago. Most of them use corrugated boxes as outer packaging boxes, generally three-layer boxes and five layer boxes. The consumption of cartons is also rising with the increase of sales. Let's see how they view the packaging of resource rich products on the paper route to the South China Sea

: what characteristics do you think the outer packaging box of the beverage industry should have? What problems should carton enterprises pay attention to in the production

fuyunquan (Tianjin) wild wild wild jujube development Co., Ltd.: as an outer packing box in the beverage industry, it should have the following characteristics: ① it is strong and durable, which is the basic requirement for cartons; ② Beautiful; ③ Moisture proof; ④ The price is reasonable. For carton enterprises, they should also pay attention to these problems in the production process

Zhejiang Juneng Oriental Holdings Co., Ltd.: as an outer packing box in the beverage industry, in addition to the physical properties of general cartons, such as compression resistance, fracture resistance, etc., attention should also be paid to the appearance design of the packaging, which should show a certain grade. In addition, the theme and brand should also be combined. In addition, the moisture-proof performance of cartons is also very important, especially for products sold in the southern region. There is more rain in summer, and the packaging box is easy to be damp, so the packaging box should have good moisture-proof performance

Huiyuan Juice: the cartons used now are mainly used for the outer packaging of products. In addition to the physical properties of cartons such as strength, compression resistance and puncture resistance of empty cartons, they also need to be moisture-proof. The requirements for printing are not particularly high, but the most basic printing standards still need to be met. At the same time, cartons are also required to meet the requirements of manual packaging

: with the continuous improvement of printing technology by carton enterprises, more and more beautifully printed cartons appear on the goods market. Do you think it is very important for the outer packaging of products to be used as both transportation packaging and sales packaging? How do you view this issue

fuyunquan (Tianjin) wild wild wild jujube development Co., Ltd.: TPE has gradually replaced PVC and other traditional materials as the outer packaging box of the beverage industry in the automotive field, and plays a very important role in transportation packaging and sales packaging at the same time. This can save energy on the one hand, and reduce the burden on consumers on the other hand

Zhejiang Juneng Oriental Holding Co., Ltd.: the outer packaging box of the product is used for both transportation packaging and sales packaging, which is a way to cater to sales, which also reduces the packaging cost to a certain extent. With the continuous improvement of equipment, it is necessary for carton enterprises to do so, but there are also some quality disadvantages, that is, it may damage its appearance during transportation

: which indicators do you focus on in the inspection of packaging products? What problems do you think exist in the packaging box now used? How should packaging enterprises improve

fuyunquan (Tianjin) wild wild wild jujube development Co., Ltd.: when we choose the supplier of packaging products, we will investigate from two aspects: software and hardware. On the one hand, we will see whether he has a standard process in software, and on the other hand, we will see whether he has good machine equipment in hardware. For the inspection of packaging products, the following aspects should be generally inspected: first, the material used, that is, the quality of base paper; Secondly, its physical and chemical properties, including its bonding strength, puncture strength, empty box compression, moisture resistance, etc; Finally, it depends on the quality of its surface printing. The cartons currently used can basically meet our requirements

Zhejiang Juneng Oriental Holdings Co., Ltd.: when selecting a supplier for packaging products, we should take six more test pieces for re inspection, we should consider his popularity in the industry, his reputation and customer base. In addition, we should also examine his after-sales service in addition to his product quality. For the inspection of the packing box, in addition to the inspection of general physical properties, such as bonding strength, empty box compression resistance, puncture strength, etc., we should also make strict requirements on the size. In addition, we should also inspect its appearance, including the printing of the carton, and see whether its pattern, color and printing are uneven. In a word, we still hope that packaging enterprises can provide us with high-quality and low-cost packaging products

Huiyuan Juice: we are basically satisfied with the cartons we use now. In addition to some conventional physical property tests, we also make certain requirements for the size and printing of cartons. Another point is the moisture resistance of cartons

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