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Talking about: import data decline, coal overall agitation

recently, the General Administration of Customs announced data that in June, China imported 22.31 million tons of coal and lignite, down 17.9% year-on-year and 19% month on month. On Wednesday afternoon, the coal gear drive and chain drive carbon sector as a whole rose sharply, and Yanzhou Coal sealed the limit. Jinrui mining rose 6.46%, Lu'an Huanneng rose 6.38%, and Shanmei international, Jizhong energy, Lanhua science and technology innovation all rose more than 5%. In addition, there were 10 stocks with an increase of%, and none of the stocks in the sector fell

the cumulative import volume in the first six months of this year was 158 million tons, with a significant year-on-year increase of 13.3%. For the import volume fell significantly in June, industry insiders believe that the main reason is that the recent coal price fell too fast, and the enthusiasm of importers was seriously frustrated

CICC believes that since the beginning of the year, the prices of thermal coal and coking coal have fallen again after last year's decline, but they believe that the coal price and share price have not yet reached the bottom, and maintain the judgment of "worse is still behind". The industry will enter a long period of low prosperity, and the business situation of the enterprise will be close to the difficulty of the year. Finally, it needs a medium-sized agricultural film plant to restore balance through slow capacity reduction, which will greatly harm the results of your analysis. Although the possibility of staged rebound is not ruled out in the fourth quarter, it is recommended to maintain the medium-term low allocation. Focus on leading companies in coal chemical industry, companies transforming to coal chemical industry and coal chemical engineering companies

Societe Generale Securities pointed out that in 2013, coal prices fell sharply, the performance fell sharply, and coal stocks had only periodic opportunities. The investment time point was the third quarter, with limited rebound and selective participation. Stock selection from bottom to top, capacity expansion + theme investment. Shanmei international, Dayou energy and Yongtai energy with capacity expansion; Orchid scientific innovation of low-cost varieties; China Shenhua of indexed varieties

CSC said that steel prices hovered at the low point of 2012, steel mills were not willing to purchase, and port coking coal inventories rose; The coking coal price index has reached a record low, and is expected to remain at the bottom in the short term. Short term key recommendations: Yongtai, Dayou; If the industry stabilizes, Yangquan, Lu'an, Jizhong, Shanmei and orchid are also good targets for rebound

Orient Securities maintained a cautious wait-and-see for the coal sector in the medium term. From the perspective of long-term profits and resource value, coal stocks have been relatively cheap. The early decline of the coal sector is nearly 50%. Some major shareholders of coal enterprises have begun to increase their holdings of their own shares. The price of coking coal has continued to decline, making the pressure on enterprises in the third quarter even greater. We believe that we can design different fixtures according to different samples and experimental methods to improve the demand for steel, which is a necessary condition for a good market in the coal industry

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