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Talking about the structure of seamless flexo sleeve version

seamless sleeve version

the biggest difference between the seamless sleeve version and the flat version is that the seamless version is a ring structure, the innermost is a glass fiber substrate, the middle layer is a photosensitive resin, and the outer layer is a black film

specification of seamless sleeve version

1 The repetition perimeter is 300 ~ 910mm, and the maximum printing width is 1750mm

2. The standard wall thickness is 1.573mm and 3.165mm, which can also be made according to customer requirements, The wall thickness can be between 1.255mm and "One person can adjust freely between 3.802mm when picking up firewood.

3. The highest line is 150lpi, and the point size is 2% ~ 98%.

precautions for the use of the seamless sleeve version

1. The seamless version must be used with the inflatable shaft.

2. Select the appropriate inflatable shaft outer diameter. The outer diameter of the inflatable shaft is determined by the repeated circumference of the printed matter.

3. The outer diameter of the inflatable shaft must meet the specific parameter requirements.

4. If necessary, use the transition sleeve to change it." The axis with the highest inflation performance price ratio takes the S-type sensor as the exception diameter

5. Transition sleeves can be divided into two types: hard sleeves and elastic sleeves. The elastic sleeve can not only change the outer diameter, 2. The electrical measurement and control system can also reduce the printing pressure

6. Plate making cycle: when there is material inventory, the plate making time is 2 days, and the time for ordering raw materials of different specifications is about 25 working days

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