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Soft packaging of health food

health food is a special commodity, which determines that the main function of health food packaging is to ensure its safety, effectiveness and stability for a long time under various conditions. Therefore, the packaging of health food is an important index to evaluate its quality

health food packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging according to internal and external levels, and soft packaging and hard packaging according to packaging rigidity. The health food soft packaging mentioned here refers to the packaging form that can change the shape of the contents after filling or taking out, mainly to contain the health food and prevent its contact with the outside world to protect the quality and facilitate use

in recent years, the flexible packaging of health food has developed rapidly, and with the development and popularization of various new materials, as well as the technological progress of automatic weighing and packaging equipment, it has shown many advantages in the packaging of health food

soft packaging forms of health food emerge in endlessly

blister packaging Blister packaging is also known as blister packaging, that is, PTP (pressthroughpackaging) packaging technology. It is to heat and soften plastic sheets, shape them (blister eyes), then put them into health food, and then heat seal them with medicinal aluminum foil, so as to form blister packaging. Because this packaging form provides one-time dose packaging for consumers, and is stable, reliable, safe and convenient, it is more and more popular. According to U.S. research, blister packaging will increase the most in the near future

bag packaging bag packaging is an increasingly common form of soft packaging of health food. 2. Do not put the unused pendulum and nearby together. You can complete the processes of special film bag making, filling, sealing and cutting on one machine. Bag packaging can be used for the packaging of health food such as tablets, granules, powders, pills, etc

strippackaging (strippackaging □ ing) is a unit packaging form (single piece or row of small packaging) formed by using two layers of strip packaging film (SP) to clamp the health food in the middle, heat sealing the inner side of the two layers of SP film, pressing tooth marks between the health food, and separating a certain distance between units of health food. In the tensile test under the main program module, articulated different subroutines module directly, can realize the function of independent or integrated Dynamic packaging, especially for some large dosage forms, strong hygroscopicity, sensitive to ultraviolet light, requiring heat and cold resistance, and requiring a long period of validity of health products is more suitable. Double aluminum packaging double aluminum packaging is similar to strip packaging, which uses two layers of coated aluminum foil to clamp the drugs in the middle, and then heat seal and punching into a certain plate. Because coated aluminum foil has excellent air tightness, moisture resistance and shading, double aluminum packaging has great advantages for health food requiring sealing or shading, such as tablets, capsules, pills, granules, powders and so on. Soft bottle packaging soft bottles are mainly used in oral liquid, syrup and other liquid preparations

the advantages of soft packaging of health food are obvious.

the reason why the soft packaging of health food is developing rapidly is that this packaging form has very obvious advantages

rich material selection. There are many kinds of soft packaging materials for health food, including paper/plastic, plastic/aluminized plastic, paper/aluminum foil/plastic and plastic/aluminum foil/plastic, and their barrier properties increase in turn. In production, we can choose suitable soft packaging materials for health food according to the barrier performance requirements of health food on packaging materials and packaging forms, and comprehensively consider other factors such as transparency, aesthetics, accessibility, economy, etc

advanced technology and safe production. The feeding, film making, printing and packaging of health food soft packaging processing can be completed at one time, which not only shortens the production cycle, but also reduces the possible pollution of environmental and human factors on health food and the impact on its production process, ensures the safety and packaging quality, and meets the requirements of GMP

easy to realize automation and high production efficiency. Since the soft packaging process of health food can be operated on one machine, it is easy to realize the automation of the packaging process with more and more advanced control methods, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency; Low energy consumption, small transportation volume and low cost. The realization of soft packaging of health food can eliminate the washing, drying, sterilization and other processes of containers, overcome the shortcomings of high energy consumption, easy damage, large transportation volume and so on, so as to reduce the production cost. In fact, as the main materials of flexible packaging, plastic, paper plastic and other composite materials show incomparable "three low" advantages of glass and metal: low raw material prices, low transportation costs and low production costs; Long storage period and good sealing. Due to the properties of flexible packaging materials, health food has good sealing and quality assurance after packaging, and has a long storage period, which can reach 3-5 years; It is convenient for storage, transportation, sales and use. There are various forms of soft packaging of health food, and the materials are also different, but they all have good physical and chemical properties, reflecting the advantages of convenience, safety and so on, whether in the storage and transportation process, or in the sales and use

the prospect of soft packaging of health food is promising

in terms of the development prospect of soft packaging of health food, its trend has several aspects

"green" packaging. The "green" packaging of health food refers to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and the packaging materials can be recycled and recycled. Nowadays, the development of "green" packaging has become a necessary work, and the pace of vigorously developing and popularizing new environmental protection packaging materials such as recyclable, degradable and natural, and incineration that does not pollute the atmosphere will be accelerated

less metering packaging. Less measurement packaging requires that the Zui large experimental force and elongation packaging used for testing data in health food have the function of accurate measurement, including the use of packaging materials with measurement function and one-time dosage packaging. The latter is a common less measurement packaging. In the United States, one-time packaging has been popularized in 1990. With the development of composite materials and sterilization packaging technology, China has been able to effectively ensure the accuracy of one-time dosage packaging of liquid and solid agents, but it will continue to develop the convenient and accurate flexible packaging form of less metering packaging

environmental conditioning packaging. The so-called "environmental regulation packaging" is to change the gas state in the packaging and ensure the quality of the packaged products for a long time, such as the packaging sealed with desiccant (oxygen getter) and the packaging of air replacement (nitrogen filling, etc.). This form of packaging will continue to be developed and popularized; High barrier packaging. High barrier packaging is to use materials with excellent barrier properties to prevent gas, water vapor, odor, light, etc. from entering the packaging, so as to ensure the effectiveness of health food. The application of high barrier packaging has been very common in Europe and Japan, while China has introduced high barrier packaging such as PVDC since the 1980s, but its development is slow; "Sterile" packaging. The technical standard gb/t50344 (2) 004 packaging of "sterile" package building structure is a method of sterilizing and packaging packaged health food by using instant ultra-high temperature sterilization technology in a "sterile" environment. Multi purpose composite materials are packed through different forms of extrusion and composite molding. It has the advantages of better maintaining functionality, extending shelf life, saving energy, reducing packaging costs, and easy to achieve environmental protection; Antibacterial packaging

although the clean environment for the production of health food is designed according to GMP requirements, it is impossible for any dosage form production and packaging process to be absolutely sterile. Therefore, in order to extend the shelf life of health food and ensure the safety of health food,

antibacterial polymer packaging materials should be used for health food packaging according to GMP requirements to inhibit bacterial pollution; Nano packaging. Nano packaging has changed people's traditional technology. It can make the most effective use of the high-tech characteristics of materials endowed by atoms and molecules, pay attention to saving resources, and make it greatly beneficial to human society. The application and development of nanotechnology and nano materials in the pharmaceutical field provide a golden opportunity for China's health food packaging. The development of nano paper, polymer based nanocomposites (PN MC), nano adhesives and nano antibacterial packaging will open up new fields for the soft packaging of health food

with the deepening of GMP implementation in China and human attention to health,

health food packaging will develop towards a safer, more comprehensive and pollution-free direction, and various new health food flexible packaging will develop rapidly with its excellent comprehensive performance and reasonable price. It will play a greater role in improving the overall level of health food packaging industry, and become the main packaging form in health food packaging

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