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Xinguolian Futures: driven by speculation, Shanghai glue rose and fell

rijiao opened low in the morning and closed at 338.5 yen as of the time of writing. Shanghai 3 Air conditioning shell glue opened low at 26030 in the morning. Driven by long position building, it quickly rose to the intraday high of 26745. In the afternoon, under the pressure of speculative profit closing, it fell back, and finally closed at 26250. 730344 transactions were made throughout the day, with positions increased by 8236 to 114548

fundamentals, the domestic tapping period is postponed, which leads to insufficient output and supply at present, and the domestic machinery price tends to normalize. The tapping will also be affected by the floods in the main production areas of Thailand at that time. In addition, the domestic inventory continues to decline, which makes the spot price remain high. However, the domestic comprehensive rubber tapping period is coming until the conditioning is qualified, and the foreign supply will give guidance to the future rubber price. In addition, there is the possibility of sharp rise and fall in the short term due to capital speculation. The domestic spot SCR5 standard glue has a pending order of 978 tons, and the average price of the pending order is 25924 yuan/ton

in terms of technology, the Japanese glue opened low and vibrated. Recently, the polyamide oil pan experimental sample was consolidated at a high level under the condition of injecting 120 ℃ high-temperature engine oil, but the daily average was divergent, and the technology continued to look high in the later stage. 60 minutes shows that it is too far away from the moving average, and there is a possibility of callback. 325 is the support level. In 809 days, Shanghai Jiaotong fell violently. Technically, there is a requirement to callback the 10 day moving average, but recently, it has been largely driven by funds, and short-term trading

operation suggestions: the fundamentals remain positive, but the arrival of the comprehensive tapping period has brought some pressure to the rubber price. In addition to the hype of funds, there may be a sharp rise and fall in the short term. In the early stage, many orders are held cautiously or reduced positions, and short-term transactions

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