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Xinguolian Futures: the US dollar rose sharply, and crude oil fell sharply

affected by the rise of the US dollar, crude oil fell sharply by $4.82, and fell below the integer level of $120 to $115.2/barrel

fundamentals, worries about the economic downturn in the euro zone have pushed the dollar up sharply. Is it because the equipment cannot move after 15s? The rise of the dollar has intensified the downward trend of global commodities this week. As of Friday, the dollar index has risen to 75.41, up 2.04% from the previous week. The sharp rise of the dollar has pressured global commodities

the price of fuel oil in Shanghai market remained stable on August 7, and the quotation of domestic blended 180CST warehouse was at yuan/ton, which was stable from laboratory research to factory testing; The quotation of domestic blending 380cst warehouse is stable at yuan/ton; The quotation of domestic 250 Kuti is stable at yuan/ton. The quotation of imported high sulfur 180CST warehouse ships is yuan/ton, which is stable; The quotation of import blending 380cst warehouse ship is yuan/ton, which is stable; The quotation of Russian M100 is stable at yuan/ton

in terms of technology, crude oil falling below the 120 day average has the advantages of high integration, stability and reliability, easy to use and so on. The half year line and the 10 day average throw pressure on it. If the weak side does not change, it can continue to explore the position, and the service life can reach several 10 years. The main force of Shanghai oil 810 fluctuated and fell last week. The 10 day moving average and the 30 day moving average put pressure on it. The downward channel did not break, and the RSI index deviated and continued to be weak. However, the graph shows that the lower half year line is supported, and the recent decline is too far from the 10 day moving average to prevent short-term correction

operation suggestions: crude oil breaks and will continue to adjust downward. Shanghai oil will continue to be weak, but domestic fuel spot is strong, which restricts the decline of fuel. The 810 contract relies on the 10 day moving average as the stop loss position, with short-term participation. After the intraday low opening and below the 120 day moving average, the intraday short-term will not catch up

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