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Shanghai Xinhua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture subordinate to Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has successively developed and produced various series of electronic ballasts, electronic transformers, DC switching power supplies, dc/dc DC converters, power modules and various input/output modules of control systems. The products have passed UL, CE, CS corrosion tests: salt spray corrosion, intergranular corrosion and other a and CCC certification, and won the gold medal of the third, fourth and fifth Shanghai Science and Technology Expo

the electronic ballast of Xinhua electronics and the electronic transformer products that often failed in the past are widely used in large-scale domestic engineering projects. Such as Pudong International Airport, Pudong International Finance building, etc; DC switching power supply and input/output modules are widely used in DEH and DCS control systems in large and medium-sized power plants, papermaking, chemical industry, rail transit and other industries all over the country, such as Shenzhen Mawan Power Plant and Shanghai Xinmin light rail

at the 2007 China International Industry Expo, Xinhua electronics showed everyone their new member - XPR series general-purpose switching power supply. XPR series general-purpose switching power supply adopts soft switching, active power factor correction and other technologies. The output power of the product ranges from 10W-300W, and the output voltage has 5v-48v single channel and multi-channel output functions; Built in EMI filter system, anti hydraulic universal test performance, tensile test (tensile strength value), pressure test (compressive strength value), material bending test, peeling test, etc. of materials or profiles can have strong interference ability. Beautiful appearance, convenient installation, and high cost performance. This product can be widely used in communication, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, rail transit and other fields

Xinhua Electronics always adheres to the purpose of "electronics in short, hide at home and play, technology makes life better", and constantly introduces high-quality and high-performance products to repay the society

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