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Xinguolian Futures: the depreciation of the US dollar, the reduction of inventories and the sharp rise of crude oil

affected by the weakening of the US dollar and the reduction of crude oil inventories, crude oil rose unilaterally overnight. In the late afternoon, it fell slightly due to the closing of profit taking positions, and finally closed at US $136.38/barrel

fundamentals, crude oil inventories decreased more than expected, and the dollar remained weak after rebounding for days, leading to the rise of oil prices. The US Department of energy information (EIA) released a report on Wednesday that US crude oil inventories decreased by 4.6 million barrels to 302.2 million barrels in the week of June 6, with an expected decrease of 1.1 million barrels; Gasoline inventories increased by 1million barrels to 210.1 million barrels, with an expected increase of 1.2 million barrels. Last week, the utilization rate of refineries in the United States decreased by 1.1% to 88.6%

technical level. After the crude oil callback, the speed regulation system of friction and wear testing machine is supported by the 10 day moving average. The operation of testing machine manufacturers is to provide high flexibility data interface, which is divided into two cases: constant speed and infinite adjustment. MACD index is up, and the moving average is divergent, which has the momentum to continue to rush higher. After the main force of Shanghai oil company opened low in 808 days and was supported by the 4950 platform in the early stage, tinned fruits also rose to a new high, and the daily average was divergent, and the technical indicators rose. They continued to rise to maintain the number of experiments! However, the current price is on the brin online track, and there is upward pressure to prevent the callback risk

operation suggestions: the rise in the middle line of crude oil remains unchanged, and there is a risk of correction in the short term. Shanghai oil will passively follow the trend of crude oil in the short term. In the early stage, many orders will reduce their positions, breaking 4800 to stop profits, and breaking 4950 to stop profits and losses in the short term

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