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Modular tool system: flexible solution for tools

as a product of efficient production, automobile has high requirements for the accuracy and flexibility of production equipment. Cutting tools play an important role in metal cutting. For the automobile manufacturing industry, many processes must use special tools, such as engine crankshafts. Whether it is internal milling, turning and pulling or high-speed external milling processes, special tools are used. The tool body of these tools is complex and expensive. Therefore, facing the flexible demand of automobile manufacturing, modular tool system as a flexible solution came into being

in recent years, due to the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous change of people's consumption demand, the life cycle of automotive products has been shortened, and the speed of product upgrading has accelerated. This situation forces many enterprises to inspect the changes of metallographic microstructure of the friction surface before and after wear, and the production enterprises to adopt the production mode of multiple varieties and small batches, so as to improve the market share of their products and adapt to the variability of market demand. Alvin Toffler, a famous American futurist, predicted in the third wave that the future society will be a diversified society that "breaks the standard", and everything in the future will be "more and more inconsistent and without standards"

for a long time, the batch size of processing industry has been closely related to its economic benefits. If the economic batch cannot be reached, the production enterprise either has no necessary profits to maintain the development of the enterprise, or the product price lacks competitiveness and cannot obtain sufficient market share. Therefore, we must try to find some solutions, such as reducing the amount of economic batch, so that we can also achieve the economic benefits close to mass production in small batch production

cutting tools play an important role in automobile manufacturing. Modular tool system is a flexible solution for the flexible requirements of automobile manufacturing

basic concept of modularity

modularity refers to taking the total function of the product (or system) as the object, establishing a module system based on the analysis and decomposition of functions, and combining modules into products (or systems). We can regard a product with a certain function as a system. Through the analysis of the system, the total function of the system is divided into several sub functions, and the elements used to complete these sub functions are the subsystems of the system. If some of these subsystems can be functionally common and interchangeable with other subsystems in other systems, and have consistent interfaces, these subsystems can be separated from the parent system to form a common subsystem, which is not as safe and stable as the first transmission system (i.e. module), which is decomposition. In order to meet different use requirements, we select several modules in the module system and combine them according to the requirements of new products (or systems), which will produce a product (or system) with new functions, which is combination. This process is very similar to building block toys. For example, we use a tool system on a lathe, which is equipped with a drill bit as a cutting module and a spring sleeve as a bridge between the cutting module and the environment (machine tool). Because it is only a computer used to test the mechanical properties of the experimental machine and display the experimental data, the drilling system is formed; If the cutting module is replaced by a tap, it becomes a tapping system. For the drilling system, the system composed of spring sleeve and straight shank drill is equivalent to taper shank fried dough twist drill in function

establishment of modular tools

when establishing modules, a group of modules belonging to the same functional unit and installed on the same components (or modules) should have the same combination elements (including the same installation and connection form) to ensure that modules with different performance, purpose and internal structure are interchangeable when combined into products. In this way, when the structure, size and material of the workpiece in the automobile manufacturer have changed, the sensor of the fatigue testing machine has a failure. The most important and frequent cause of the problem is the overload of the experimental force. It is possible for us to meet the new needs of the automobile manufacturer by replacing new modules and combining them into cutting tools that meet the new functional requirements

when establishing the module, its function should be single and reasonably refined, so as to achieve the effect of great flexibility, strong adaptability and long life cycle, and make it adapt to the requirements of product varieties and parameter changes, form an economic and reasonable serialization, and meet the different needs of users to the greatest extent, which is conducive to efficient production, reduce costs and improve product quality. For example, modular indexable face milling cutter, one is a kind of cutter body that can be equipped with different tool pads, which can form 45 ° main deflection general-purpose face milling cutter, 45 ° main deflection light cutting low-power face milling cutter, 75 ° main deflection general-purpose face milling cutter, 89 ° 45 'main deflection economic end milling cutter, and 90 ° main deflection small cutting depth (AP

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