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Xinguolian Futures: Shanghai Jiao opened high to the daily limit, and multiple orders can continue to hold

yesterday, in the absence of Japanese glue, Shanghai Jiao opened high, and quickly pulled up, maintaining a sideways swing near 23450. In the afternoon, on August 8, before the evening of the market close, affected by short closing, the daily limit was closed to 23600. The position increased slightly to 79976. External dimension of bearing: (L × W × H)1795 × one thousand × 1820mm, the impact of this Japanese glue opened higher than 300 yen again today

news: because consumers are constrained by the current high price, most investors have obtained what they need before Christmas and New Year holidays. The floods in some areas in southern Thailand have subsided, but the supply is still tight due to the delay of rubber cutting caused by rainfall. Some analysts predict that the U.S. crude oil inventory decreased by 1.2 million barrels last week, which boosted crude oil and benefited the downstream products of crude oil

in terms of technology, HuJiao broke through 23000 platform pressure today, MACD indicators continued to rise, supported by the daily average, and the half year line rose, with a good upward momentum. However, KDJ index shows signs of overbought, with the possibility of sharp rise and correction. The 10 day moving average is the support line for correction. Affected by the sharp rise in domestic prices, the first batch of smelting of China's renewable strategic metals and alloys was above 300 yen again today, but the upward momentum was not strong, waiting for the moving average to close, and the short-term pressure was at 310 yen

operation suggestions: the overall upward trend of Shanghai Jiao is good. In addition to the domestic cut-off, the inventory will be gradually consumed. After breaking the 22200 position, the upward trend will begin. Previously, multiple orders can continue to be held, and the middle line trend order can rely on 22200 as the stop loss position to build a position. The first target is 24000, and the second target is 25000. There is a possibility of sharp rise and correction in the short term, which is greatly affected by metals in the session. In the short term, you can pay attention to the trend of metals in and out of the market

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