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Xinhua 3 medical IOT solution was successfully applied in Beijing Xuanwu hospital

in 2016, Xinhua 3 was established, and big Internet, cloud computing, big data and big security have always been its four directions of development. On May, in Zhonghua 2. In an environment without vibration and surrounding corrosive media; At the hospital information networking conference, Hangzhou Huasan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huasan communication) under Xinhua III not only brought its latest technological achievements in the medical field, Huasan communication medical IOT solutions, but also realized the implementation of the solutions. This made H3C become the focus of attention of the audience and successfully completed the first show of Xinhua medical industry

at this meeting, H3C's products were displayed in a variety of ways. It not only launched the medical IOT solution, which perfectly unified the mobile medical care and medical IOT businesses, but also carefully built a 150 square meter special booth, with leading exhibit technology display and rich medical IOT scene application experience, which attracted many medical informatization experts

at the same time of product display, the application practice of H3C medical IOT solution in Beijing Xuanwu Hospital is even more eye-catching. Zhangjiangming, vice president of the domestic market department of H3C, said in an interview: the whole IOT is a part of Xinhua's three major Internet strategies. Since the official release of IOT AP in 2015, we have been committed to the implementation and use of solutions in this year. Up to now, nearly 40 hospitals have been in use, among which Beijing Xuanwu Hospital is an example of the large-scale application of IOT

business needs determine technological development

Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University was founded in 1958 and is one of the start-up bases of Neurology in New China. At present, Xuanwu Hospital is building a new South Hospital, mainly the International Institute of neuroscience and geriatrics. As the audience of hospital services are mostly neurology patients and elderly patients, there is an urgent need for personnel management in the Southern District. Business needs determine technology development. No matter how good a technology is, it is useless if there is no demand. In hospitals, the management of personnel and materials is very important, especially for Xuanwu Hospital, which mainly focuses on neurology and geriatrics. Because these patients often encounter problems such as loss, their management is an important part of improving the quality of medical services in our hospital. This has promoted the comprehensive application of IOT in our hospital, which is the result of demand. Liang Zhigang, deputy director of the hospital information management office, said

therefore, the hospital hopes to build a medical IOT infrastructure platform, carry out comprehensive applications based on the IOT platform, and comprehensively realize the closed-loop management of medical processes, which can effectively improve clinical efficiency, medical quality and operation management level, so as to achieve the goal of standardization, refinement and accuracy of hospital management. At the same time, as a newly established hospital area, the hospital hopes that informatization can carry the medical business in the south area, and fully consider the scalability, leaving enough upgrading space for the hospital's voice business, video business, mobile medicine, IOT and other applications. And build an integrated network management platform, which can uniformly manage the wireless equipment and IOT equipment of the hospital on one platform, and simplify the daily operation and maintenance through the health monitoring and other functions of the network and business

product quality determines the scope of application

why choose H3C

The annual key task of promoting the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism of civil aircraft aluminum materials

Liang Zhigang said: the choice of H3C stems from our good cooperation foundation and excellent solutions of H3C. First of all, the hospital has been cooperating with H3C, including infant theft prevention, disinfection and supply, infusion, etc. the system runs very smoothly, so it has a good foundation for cooperation; Secondly, in the early stage of the hospital's connection and selection of IOT solutions, through the comparison of products and the investigation of practical cases, it is found that many domestic hospitals choose H3C, which shows that H3C has a solid foundation in China and the product quality is too hard, which also promotes this cooperation

in this application, H3C fully considered the characteristics and scalability of the medical business in the south of the hospital. In order to integrate the medical wireless network, it realized the requirements of mobile medical terminal roaming, image data and anti-interference, established the medical IOT AP, and realized the advantages of unified deployment, multi service expansion, distributed architecture, unified management deployment and so on

first, the medical IOT solution provided by H3C effectively integrates wired/wireless/interconnection and RFID (sensor) networks, and provides highly reliable network transmission and connection. Through the built-in RFID technology and middleware technology of IOT AP, assist the application platform to complete the information collection of physical entities, and finally realize the intelligent control and information interaction between objects and people, objects and objects for the hospital infrastructure, so as to provide a network infrastructure platform with high standards and in line with standard protocols and specifications. IOT AP H3C wa4320 is a standard high-performance 802.11n Wi Fi wireless thin AP, which can work with AC. this mode can provide coverage of 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac 1000Mbps Wi Fi wireless signals and RFID RF signals at the same time

secondly, the MAC based authentication access control method can not only enable Xuanwu to configure and modify the permissions of user groups on the AAA server, but also support the configuration of permissions of specific users. This fine user permission control greatly enhances the availability of wireless networks. Managers can easily allocate access permissions to people at different levels or groups through this method

in addition, H3C IOT AP integrates the IMC intelligent management platform of tiresome star product called metal by H3C. When a variety of applications appear in the hospital, it can complete the unified management and monitoring of all intelligent terminals and IOT labels in the hospital

H3C is on the road with IOT.

as for the application of IOT in Xuanwu Hospital, Zhang Jiangming said: in terms of development, although IOT says a lot now, it mostly focuses on some daily short-distance applications such as access control, but not many are used in real business or key business. This practice of IOT in Xuanwu hospital can provide a good case for the application of hospitals in the future

it is reported that H3C medical IOT solutions help doctors establish a baby anti-theft system, let newborn babies sleep safely in the hospital, let doctors conduct Wi Fi ward rounds and networking office, and even realize the unified management of hospital resources, improve the operation efficiency and service efficiency of the hospital, so as to help customers make full use of the manufacturing center located outside Pittsburgh Alcoa technology center to use the interconnected energy for business innovation and expansion. Through the construction plan of H3C medical IOT, Xuanwu Hospital has initially formed a large-scale integrated and open hospital information management system, opening up internal and external channels, gradually integrating the two, and realizing many new applications such as handheld hospital appointment registration, medical guidance, call queuing, mobile payment, which has greatly improved work efficiency, improved service quality, and enhanced communication between doctors and patients

the practice of IOT shows that H3C has been committed to paying attention to the construction of the core business of the hospital and making continuous efforts to improve the management level, operation level and medical quality of the hospital. At present, H3C has successively participated in the informatization construction of many domestic hospitals, and its application steps are all over many provinces and cities in China; It has provided leading overall solutions for medical informatization for more than 400 third tier hospitals represented by Beijing Union Medical College Hospital and Xiangya Hospital, and the market share of domestic third tier hospitals has reached more than 55%; In the field of wireless medical treatment, hundreds of large-scale third-class hospitals across the country have chosen H3C as their partners, and a total of 50000 APS have been deployed. A better world of innovation, sharing and intelligent interconnection is ahead, and Xinhua Sanzheng is making great strides on the road

Xinhua Group 3 (hereinafter referred to as Xinhua Group 3) is the world's leading leader in new IT solutions. It is committed to the research, development, production, consulting, sales and services of new IT solutions and products. It has a full range of H3C brand products such as networks, servers, storage, security, hyper fusion systems and it management systems, and can provide one-stop and comprehensive IT solutions including big Internet, big security, cloud computing, big data and it consulting services. At the same time, Xinhua San is also the exclusive provider of HPE brand servers, storage and technical services in China

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