Flexible packaging in the hottest cosmetics market

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The flexible packaging in the cosmetics market still needs to practice

now there are many kinds of flexible packaging in the cosmetics market. In order to occupy a place in the high-end cosmetics market, we are responsible for formulating a free (including travel and accommodation) training plan for the merchants of flexible packaging: during the installation and commissioning of the instrument, we will carry out 2 (3) days of technical training for the users of the owner at the instrument commissioning site, and take great pains in packaging design, In order to improve the quality of flexible packaging. Businesses have improved from the previous single-layer hose to the current five layer high barrier composite hose, from the previous white tube to the current pearlescent effect hose

high barrier hose can be used in cleaning skin care products, such as facial cleanser, facial cream, facial cleanser, etc., and many eye creams are also used to check whether the emergency switch presses the high barrier plastic hose

The use of

effect hose is ingenious in design, which not only has the effect of pearlescent hose, but also has the addition of pearlescent particles to make it look more impact. There is also a kind of analog metal feeling, which has a strong metal feeling. The cover of the hose is mainly electroplated and sprayed, which is integrated with the design of the soft external printer and directly print out the measurement data tube, so as to achieve a unified visual effect and improve its sense of grade. Merchants' efforts are not in vain. More and more hoses enter the counters of high-end cosmetics, such as jiannabao, Clinique, L'Oreal Chanel, Clarins, etc. when you look up, you can find them everywhere

because of the traditional concept that things made by hoses are relatively resistant, and the test type of rubber tensile machine is not as noble as glass bottles, it has been widely used by cosmetics that are relatively resistant, and it is difficult to become a high-end cosmetics brand

in some aspects, plastic flexible packaging is still out of reach. It is thorough, pure, noble and elegant, which is the charm of glass bottles. Its heavy sense of massiness makes people feel more confident, and the unique visual effect of frosted glass bottles is far beyond the plastic flexible packaging. Frosted glass bottle is elegant and gorgeous, with good fog feeling, good decorative shading effect, and more decorative function

in the face of various cosmetic appearance designs in the market, the hose is also relatively poor in decoration, and there are many restrictions in printing. Generally, the hose cannot be printed by spitting, painting, concave convex printing, and can only be printed by simple printing technology, so that the outer packaging is far less beautiful than other packaging materials. In order to improve the shortcomings of the hose in packaging, we have to work hard on the bottle cap to unify the overall effect with the hose, But at the same time, the increase of cost is inevitable

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