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Xinguolian Futures: overnight crude oil rose again, fuel concussion operation

overnight crude oil rose again under the favorable factors of the weak dollar and the bomb attack on the zubair-1 oil pipeline in Basra in Iraq, while the positive economic data of the United States will boost the dollar and be bad for crude oil in the short term. At the same time, the data released by the international enterprise development authority (ie) of Singapore on Thursday showed that this figure will also rise with the rapid development of the household appliance industry, As of the week of March 26, Singapore's fuel oil inventory increased by 2.6 million barrels to a record high of 20.55 million barrels, which depressed the price of fuel oil. In the short term, domestic fuel oil is bound to fluctuate driven by crude oil

on the technical side, crude oil continued to callback, with the upper pressure of 110. In the short term, we focused on the support of $100, and the support level after falling below $95. Shanghai oil 806 opened high and fluctuated, breaking through the 10 day average pressure. In addition, the annual trading volume is 10800 tons, which is expected to fluctuate in the near future. In the short term, we will pay attention to 4300 pressure and 3960 support

operation suggestions: Recently, under the circumstances of unclear crude oil trend and gloomy economic situation, the middle line of fuel leaves the market, and the short-term trading is closed to the operation of shock trend, with the oscillation range, falling below 3960 short positions to follow up

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