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Xinguolian Futures: Shanghai Jiao has recently rebounded, requiring light positions to buy at the end of the day

on Wednesday, Shanghai Jiao continued to consolidate horizontally, reducing intraday short-term speculation, reducing price volatility, and having limited space below in the short term, so there is a requirement for a medium-term rebound. The main 0605 contract opened at 21450 in the morning, and the intraday price fell. The late price closed at 21180, with 149308 transactions and 1344 positions reduced throughout the day

in terms of technology, the rubber was adjusted weakly on Wednesday, but the overall price has risen moderately recently, with obvious signs of stabilization. In terms of technology, the rubber price has temporarily stabilized and consolidated. Although there has been a continuous technical rebound on the way of price decline last week, the rebound is limited, which is not enough to reverse the downward adjustment direction. At present, the early decline inertia has been basically digested. In terms of technical indicators, the RSI (14) indicator in the K-line chart on the 0605 contract day continues to run horizontally, showing that the short-term price trend is confused, while the KDJ indicator is at a low level, indicating that the short-term energy is digested to a large extent; In the moving average system, the medium and short-term moving average of each moving average begins to bond, waiting for the price to give a new direction. In addition, the Japanese rubber index destroys the shape of M head, but as long as it is no more than 5 and the relative humidity is no more than 80%, it will be bearish from the perspective of Dow theory. On the whole, the domestic and foreign rubber prices ended the rapid downward trend, and the downward momentum was digested. Investors are advised not to chase up and kill down

fundamentals, prices return to a rational level, and supply concerns are expected to drive prices to rise steadily and moderately in the later period. After a period of deep decline, the price level returned to rationality and completed the correction of the previous aggressive market. With the emergence of supply concerns for a period of time in the future and the support of stable spot prices, the futures price is expected to rebound in a medium range. However, from the analysis of the current situation, it is possible to reach a new high. Several methods often used in the maintenance of tensile testing machines are less specific. Therefore, although it is possible to intervene in multiple orders at the end of the market, it is not appropriate to chase up too much. At the same time, with the passage of time, the subsequent main contracts will face the impact of new rubber. Therefore, the multiple orders involved at present should also be settled in time after the profits are realized, and it is not suitable to move to the distant month

based on the above analysis, due to the relatively stable support of the underlying spot, the short-term continuous decline is generally difficult to design, but the technical rebound energy is limited, and it still needs to be settled in time after multiple orders are profitable. In terms of operation, given that it is currently in a period of wide volatility, there is a greater risk of chasing up and down, so it is more appropriate to sell high and absorb low in the short term, while the middle line is mainly absorbed at the bottom

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