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Xinguolian Futures - inventory increase, US dollar strength, crude oil high adjustment

affected by the rebound of the US dollar due to the increase in crude oil inventory, crude oil stopped its continuous upward momentum, and the overnight crude oil high consolidation, but the overall weakness of the US dollar remains unchanged, which will support the rise of oil prices

fundamentals, the EIA announced that domestic crude oil depots increased by 2.4 million barrels to 316.1 million barrels in the week of April 18, twice the analysts' estimates interviewed by Reuters. Short term pressure on oil prices, but the overall weakness of the US dollar in the middle line will hurt the operator support for the rise in crude oil

in terms of technology, the technical indicators of crude oil show an upward trend, supported by the 10 day moving average, which may continue to rise, but the K line is too far away from the moving average to prevent a pullback. Shanghai oil 807 days rose and fell, but the 10 day moving average gave support, and the daily average combination showed signs of top deviation, and there is a possibility of correction in the near future, but the medium-term support line of the 120 day moving average rose well, and the middle line will continue to rise driven by crude oil

However, it indicates the utilization prospect of carbon nanotubes in the superconducting field

operation suggestions: crude oil rose in good shape, but the U.S. economy continued to weaken, preventing a pullback. The introduction and adjustment of domestic fuel 807 day retest golden pellet pressure testing machine shows that there is no directional information on the fundamentals, and it has been in a passive follow-up recently, with short-term support at 4290 and short-term trading

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