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Xinguolian Futures: Shanghai oil hit high and fell, breaking the technical closure abroad to seek direction

the main force of Shanghai oil 811 opened low and hit high and fell back in the morning, reaching 4906 at the highest, and closed at 4768, down 41 points, with 255532 transactions and 1424 positions increased to 44222

fundamentals, the U.S. released better than expected sales data of existing homes in July today, boosting the dollar. And the Iranian oil minister Gholamhossein Nozari said that OPEC would try to curb the downward trend of the original price and would study the oversupply situation in the market. When talking about the OPEC meeting in September, nuzari pointed out that there are signs that OPEC member states are currently interested in preventing the downward trend of oil prices. The tight supply of spot goods in Asia is expected to gradually weaken, and its support for oil prices will gradually weaken

in terms of technology, this kind of process will use compressed air to make the molten plastic blank stick to the mold wall, and the overnight crude oil will fluctuate slightly, but the semi annual line and monthly line will still give pressure, which cannot be regarded as the end of the callback. In the short term, it is expected to seek the direction of the shock. Shanghai oil is relatively weak in the day, rising and falling back, but the lower semi annual line and the 10 day average line will be thrown to support, and in the short term, between the monthly line and the 10 day line, it is expected to shake the market prosperity

operation suggestions: crude oil is under pressure in the near future, and the support below is strong. It is expected to fluctuate in the short term. Shanghai oil also faces a sharp fluctuation in the market and short-term trading

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