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On August 2, the signing ceremony of technical cooperation between Xingyuan group and Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. was held in Guangrao County, Shandong Province. This is the first time that an internationally renowned tire company has conducted technical cooperation with Chinese tire enterprises, including engineering radial tires

the technical cooperation with Yokohama rubber this time is Xingda engineering tire company, the core subsidiary of Xingyuan group. The cooperation content is to jointly develop large-scale engineering radial tire products with specifications of more than 25 inches. Yokohama will inject advanced technology into the R & D and production of Xingda, help Xingda improve the quality of engineering radial tires, and increase its service life by 2000-3000 hours from the current 4000-6000 hours. At the same time, Xingda will start to produce some engineering radial tires for Yokohama from now on for a period of 5 years

according to song Wenguang, chairman of Xingyuan group, at present, Xingda's engineering radial tire products are few in the domestic industry in terms of scale and quality, but there is still a big gap compared with international brands. Yokohama, as one of the top ten international tire companies in the world, has complete sales channels and good technology. Yokohama's technology and sales network will further enhance the brand influence of Xingyuan and enhance the core technical strength of the enterprise, and become a new starting point for the brand construction of Xingyuan group. Song Wenguang said that the signing of technical cooperation is only the starting point of cooperation between the two sides. In the future, Xingyuan will continue to expand international exchanges and cooperation around the strategic idea of "building the advantages of the main tire industry and building an international first-class brand"

Yokohama rubber specialist Yuki goto believes that with the increase of population, the world's demand for resources will be increasing. With the large-scale of mining vehicles, the demand for giant engineering radial tires for mines will also increase year by year. In order to achieve a greater leap forward, Yokohama began to expand the scale of tire production in 2012, and has built a new factory of micro printers in Russia. At the same time, it plans to expand tire production capacity in China, India, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries. In addition, Yokohama has begun to develop giant engineering radial tires since 2010. This year, it has begun to sell 49 inch tires for 100 ton mining vehicles. At the same time, it has begun to develop 51 inch and 57 inch tires for 150 ton mining vehicles and 63 inch tires for 00 ton mining vehicles, the world's largest 4-inch high-precision, high stability and temperature automatic compensation load measurement system. The technology and commissioned production cooperation with Xingyuan will greatly increase the share of Yokohama engineering radial tires emphasized by lianxun securities in the global market, and increase the market share from one of them to two digits

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