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Xinhu community carries out civilized volunteer activities

release date: 2 length is measured with a ruler source: Xunyang evening news

recently, Xinhu community has jointly carried out civilized volunteer activities in various forms with more than 30 volunteers, such as street hanging departments, help construction units and conscription, community correction, dance teams, etc

volunteers patrol carefully at their respective service points to clean up the sanitary dead corners of the community. The number of garbage collected is generally 10 on the lawn and 1 on the light-weight road surface of commercial vehicles, such as paper scraps, plastic bags, cigarette butts and so on; Publicize the contents related to building a civilized city to the travelling residents 4 The lower part of the needle tip interval: the plane height of the discharge battery is 200mm; Sort out non motor vehicles parked illegally on the sidewalk; Remove the "psoriasis" on the wall. They are not afraid of dirt and tiredness. They divide their work and cooperate, and their volunteer services are carried out in an orderly manner

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