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Now people pay more and more attention to health and environmental protection, and environmental friendly and healthy solid wood furniture gradually enters people's family life. As one of the solid wood furniture, oak furniture is also deeply loved by everyone and is constantly recognized by everyone. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the size of oak dining table and the selection of oak dining table

oak dining table size 1

this oak dining table has clear texture, elegant color and unique natural wood fragrance, while the dining table paint is fine and smooth, and the gloss is very good, which restores the natural color and texture of solid wood, adds the sense of natural atmosphere, and the simple straight line makes everything return to nature. The size of this oak dining table is 160*80*75cm

oak dining table size II

this Korean garden oak dining table adopts a high-quality solid wood frame, with stable structure and round and smooth table feet, which can prevent bumps and bring you intimate safety protection. The dining table adopts a hollow table edge design and a networked sidebar, which looks elegant and fashionable. The size of this oak dining table is 140*80*78cm

oak dining table size III

this American style oak dining table, with smooth lines and straight lines, reflects the carving of nature. Every detail is carefully and carefully polished, striving to be full and round, cleaning beautiful texture, full of natural flavor, and more atmospheric. The size of this oak dining table is 145*80*76cm

oak dining table purchase

1. Look at the workmanship

the overall structure of high-quality oak dining table is stable, and the oak wood is hard, so the process requirements for manufacturing exquisite modeling are relatively high. Good oak dining table modeling technology and detail processing are much better, and bad ones are relatively rough

2. See whether the color is pure

oak dining table is generally painted with a layer of light paint, which can ensure its nature. If the paint is too deep, it will not only affect the value of the oak table, but also affect the beauty of the oak table

3. Check whether the surface is wear-resistant and corrosive

the wood of the oak dining table is very hard and corrosion-resistant, so you can check its wear resistance when shopping

editor's summary: that's all for the size of oak dining table and the selection of oak dining table. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it




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