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On October 7, 2011, China's first national policy housing procurement and construction platform was established in Beijing, and Titan wallpaper became one of the first wallpaper enterprises selected for the platform. The national affordable housing procurement information platform is a giant supermarket that specializes in serving the national affordable housing projects. On this platform, suppliers of policy housing construction and household materials need to be tested and reviewed by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in order to enter the alternative library. This move aims to greatly reduce the construction costs and funds of local governments participating in the construction of affordable housing, and also allow truly excellent products to enter the affordable housing market

this time, Titan wallpaper was successfully selected into the national affordable housing component procurement information platform, which is not only a powerful embodiment of the company's confidence to actively respond to the call of the country and promote low-carbon, environmental friendly and green products to all corners of the society, but also a powerful measure for the company to strive to build a public resource sharing platform and realize the vision of improving the quality of home life of 1.3 billion people

through the improvement of quality and unremitting efforts in the field of wallpaper, Titan wallpaper has been recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the adoption of international advanced standards and foreign advanced standards, and has been honored for many times “ Shanghai famous brand &rdquo& ldquo; Top ten brands in Chinese wallpaper industry ” And “ Chinese wallpaper market influence brand ” And other honorary titles. The certification of strength is not cast overnight, but through years of experience and precipitation

after more than 30 years of trials and tribulations, Titan Wallpapers still unswervingly put the pursuit of quality and service requirements ahead of interests, adhere to the times, improve the system and improve after-sales service, and always remember to give back and be grateful to the society. Through the unremitting efforts of Titan people, Titan wallpaper not only represents quality and market, but also represents high price and service. It is believed that under the increasingly perfect after-sales service system and the promotion of national policies to promote public rental housing and affordable housing projects, Titan wallpaper will go further and better in the brand road of improving the home life of 1.3 billion people





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