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Do you know what is cement foam insulation board? Cement foamed insulation board, also known as foam concrete board, is a kind of cement-based lightweight porous inorganic class a insulation board, which is made of sulphoaluminate cement, fly ash or industrial waste residue as raw materials, added with foaming agent, special fiber and other composite, mixing, foaming and molding, and then cured. Cement foam insulation board has the characteristics of high fire resistance, high insulation and high durability. It is one of the indispensable insulation products in China's thermal insulation materials and construction industry at present

how much do you know about cement foam insulation board? Cement foamed insulation board is often used in the thermal insulation engineering of building outer enclosure wall. Cement foaming insulation board is a non combustible material, non-toxic, environmental friendly and low-carbon. It is a new type of material strongly advocated by the state, and its fire resistance reaches grade A1. The product has high compressive strength (compared with plastic foam), low thermal conductivity, firm bonding with concrete, the same expansion coefficient, and the same service life as buildings. How about the cement foam insulation board? What are its characteristics? Now come with me to learn about the relevant knowledge of cement foam insulation board

performance of cement foaming insulation board

1. Green environmental protection

no harmful gas and waste emissions, and no pollution to the environment

2. Fire resistance and high temperature resistance

the fire resistance temperature is above 1000 degrees Celsius, grade A1

3. High thermal insulation

the closed cell rate is greater than 97%, and the minimum thermal conductivity is 0.045w/m*k, which meets the needs of building thermal insulation

4. Low water absorption

low water absorption, no mildew, and ensure the safety and durability of the product

5. Light weight and high strength

solve the technical problems and achieve relative unity. The density is 180kg per cubic meter, and the compressive strength reaches more than 0.2MPa

6. Long life and aging resistance

the service life is more than 50 years, which is synchronized with the building, and only one insulation construction is required for life

7. Good over fire integrity

the fire endurance exceeds 3 hours, and the integrity is good after over fire

8. Freeze thaw resistance

after 25 freeze-thaw experiments, the mass loss rate is less than 5%, the strength loss rate is less than 20%, and the physical and chemical properties are stable

9. Good sound insulation

the sound absorption capacity is 5-7 times that of ordinary concrete, and the sound insulation effect reaches 60dB (140mm)

10, good workability

porous material, can be directly pasted, and the viscosity is firm

11. Low cost

the cost of building insulation can be reduced by 3-5 times

cement foaming insulation board product features

a new environmental friendly and low-carbon material, with fire resistance reaching grade A1, firm bonding with concrete, the same expansion coefficient, and the same service life as the building. Used for roof insulation board, internal and external wall insulation board

cement foaming insulation board - production raw materials

the most ideal insulation material, advantages: low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, non combustion, waterproof, strong adhesion with the wall, high strength, non-toxic, environmental protection

cement foaming insulation board - purchasing skills

1. See the weight and strength. If the thickness/bulk density/compression ratio/binder comprehensive effect is qualified, the plate can pass the test

2. See the binder selection. Magnesium oxide has good activity, high price, exquisite workmanship and good water resistance

3. Smell. If there is pungent smell, it does not meet the environmental protection requirements

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the application scope and purchasing skills of cement foamed insulation board. I hope to help friends with this need! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products





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