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With the continuous improvement of our material living standards, Wuhan decoration owners are gradually paying more attention to home decoration, and have also adopted different methods for the decoration of different functional areas. For example, children's rooms are slowly taking up a considerable proportion in the decoration. Next, the decoration designer of Wuhan Lugong mansion will talk about the key points of children's room design. Owners should pay attention to decoration


in a child's room, the floor should be more skid resistant. Usually, the most practical and economical is to paint wood floors, such as cork. However, all these wooden floors cannot protect against accidents like carpets, so Wuhan decoration owners can lay a carpet on the solid floor, and the color of the carpet can also consider using some cartoon or bright type


the carpet in the children's room is recommended to be laid around the bed. In this way, children can be prevented from being hurt by accidental falls when getting on and off the bed, and things can also be prevented from being damaged by falling to the ground. For places where children often play, especially those who love building blocks and electric cars, it is not suitable to lay carpets on a large area of the ground

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furnishing furniture in children's rooms should be very interesting. You can consult with your child and refer to his favorite style and color. Because the room designed by children's imagination and creativity can flash inspiration in the decoration


children also have their own favorite colors. Generally, simple striped or checkered fabrics can be used to make bedspreads, and then brightly colored pillows, cushions, toys or blankets can be used to decorate the bed. Children of different ages are more suitable for their age. The color of the curtain can choose light colors or fabrics with some cartoon patterns. The material should not be too thick. If the curtain is too thick, it is easy for children to have a sense of depression, which does not reflect their nature


the purchase of furniture in children's rooms should also be paid more attention to, mainly with rounded corners. This is also from the perspective of safety. Try to avoid sharp objects in the room

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