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Chai Jing has released haze videos for some time, but its impact has been fermenting, making many people no longer ignore environmental pollution, and more people have more and more personal experience of health problems caused by environmental pollution. Among them, a video tells the public that lampblack pollution caused by kitchen appliances is also an important element of air pollution. More industry experts said: "the pollution of cooking with traditional kitchen appliances is an important source of air pollution, because when cooking with traditional gas stoves, the oil temperature will be too high, the PM2.5 will be higher, and the carcinogens and aging substances will be more."

kitchen lampblack brings such great harm that how to build a safe and comfortable kitchen environment under the dome has become the primary concern of the public. In this regard, experts said that if you want to make your home a safe place, the fundamental way to reduce the concentration of cooking fume is to improve the smoke collection effect and suction of the range hood, and reduce the overflow of cooking fume and the time you stay in the kitchen

however, in response to the experts' saying that "when cooking, oil and ingredients volatilize a lot of harmful substances under high temperature, which has a strong irritation to the mucous membranes of nose, eyes and throat, and can cause respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis. Long term inhalation will also lead to asthma and increase the probability of lung cancer", the wives are deeply powerless. Facts show that many families have installed range hoods, but they can't control the lampblack many times. Sometimes even after cooking for a long time, the lampblack in the kitchen still lingers for a long time, making the wives anxious every time they cook

now, Kuba kitchen appliances firmly tells the ladies: choose a good integrated stove, completely get rid of kitchen fumes, and now you can stop worrying about kitchen fumes

as a professional integrated stove production brand, aiming at the problem of family oil smoke, Kuba integrated stove adheres to the one-step fast, has already achieved a zero oil smoke kitchen, innovates its unique design, and perfectly realizes the open kitchen. As a new upstart in the kitchen appliance industry, Kuba integrated stove has been determined to follow the high-end route of kitchen appliances since its establishment. Relying on the strong brand effect of the company, it strictly controls the development, production, sales, after-sales and other links of integrated stoves, and uses green materials that meet the national environmental protection standards in the selection of integrated stoves, so as to pay equal attention to environmental protection and quality of integrated stoves, and realize the health, fashion Practical new concept of kitchen. Through technical research and development, the new products of various series of integrated stoves launched by Kuba kitchen appliances have achieved comprehensive smoke collection, rapid absorption, and efficient smoke absorption. The smoke absorption rate is as high as 99.99%, truly realizing the "smoke-free kitchen", so that families can completely avoid the harm of smoke. At the same time, the overall shape of the Kuba integrated stove is simple and not simple. It can absorb the oil smoke and reduce the noise pollution at the same time, giving more complete care to the family

Kuba integrated stove firmly believes that the power of technology can change everything, and is determined to lead the fashion of kitchen electricity, create a new generation of smoke-free space, make the home warm and let the family enjoy health. Our health is limited, and we can no longer stand the toss of lampblack. Kuba integrated stove pays attention to the cooking health of wives





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