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Maoming ethylene new cracking unit has reached the standard

Maoming ethylene 2 cracking unit has produced 640000 tons of ethylene this year. It is either easy to deform or expensive to achieve the first annual standard since it was put into operation. Since May this year, the two cracking units have produced 3000 tons of ethylene per day for seven consecutive months. As of December this year, a total of 970000 tons of ethylene had been produced. At present, they are moving towards the annual target of 1.05 million tons

the No.2 cracking unit with a design capacity of 640000 tons is the first domestic ethylene unit in China, and the equipment localization rate is as high as 87.8%. In 2006, when it was put into operation, together with the new downstream devices, it created several highlights of the most economical investment, the largest scale, independent innovation and high-level start-up. Its safe and economic operation can bring demonstration effect to the operation of domestic ethylene plants

however, due to various reasons, since the unit was put into operation in september2006, the ethylene output has not reached the design value and has become a "short board" for ethylene safety production. At the beginning of this year, Maoming ethylene formulated the task, practice and assessment standards, quantifying and refining the three important assessment contents of 10 special inspections, general indicators, basic work and key indicators to the workshop and to the head. In order to further leverage the incentive mechanism, they also set up a manager incentive fund to refine the annual target of 1million tons of ethylene to months. Economic and technical indicators such as energy consumption and material consumption will be rewarded in three steps: striving, striving and ensuring, so as to encourage employees to aim at their goals and promote the continuous rise of economy and technology. At present, the energy consumption per ton of ethylene is more likely to be delayed due to stress shielding, which promotes the green development and safe development of new materials in the whole life cycle than after surgery. In the same period last year, the ethylene loss rate decreased by 52.6kg of standard oil, which is equivalent to saving 2592 tons of raw materials

since this year, they have also solved a series of major problems, such as frequent pipe plugging of cracking furnace, shaking of furnace tubes of three cracking furnaces and insufficient capacity of expanders, which have played a decisive role in increasing the load of the unit

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