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Marabu and Paragon explore the global ink market

Marabu, a silk printing ink manufacturer headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, recently formed a global ink partner Alliance for effective risk management with paragon, a curved relief ink printer in Edinburgh, UK. In order to meet the customers' growing demand for compatible inks in the mixed printing process of multi screw, which has evolved from the original single screw to the twin screw, from imitation to self renovation, the two companies will work together to provide customers with more reliable ink products

although the surface UV ink market is growing rapidly, it is a huge challenge for the entire printing industry to ensure the best compatibility of surface UV printing and hybrid rotary silk printing in the overprint process. The partnership alliance agreement between the two companies will enable them to focus on their respective strengths and unite in the printing and packaging field. Supported by Marabu's strong worldwide distribution network, the alliance's products can be distributed to more than 50 countries around the world. The globalization process of label printing industry is also one of the key factors to promote the rapid alliance between the two companies

the partnership between the two companies further optimized the performance of Marabu's new white silicone free roller printing ink ultrarota screen uvrs 172 and Paragon's 7000 curved ink series (uvdry flexo SERIES 7000). The new white silk printing ink can not only obtain excellent results in surface overprint, but also print at a maximum speed of 65mpm (200fpm). The person in charge of the company pointed out that this kind of curved ink can show excellent layers and gloss, which is very satisfactory, just like printing on a special synthetic substrate

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