The largest marketing market of geosynthetics in t

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The largest marketing market of geosynthetics in the world

among the 16 categories of industrial textiles, geosynthetics account for a small share, but the growth rate is the fastest in recent years. In the five years from 2006 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of geotextiles reached 35.3%, which was nearly 20 percentage points higher than the average annual growth rate of 16% for industrial textiles. In recent years, the state has increased investment in infrastructure construction, and a number of key projects have been launched. With the commencement and operation of the Three Gorges Dam, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the Qinghai Tibet railway, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway and other projects, the demand for geotechnical materials is growing. In 2010, the output of geotextiles reached 405000 tons, which is expected to maintain a double-digit growth in the next five years, and is expected to reach 730000 tons by 2015. This is the information obtained from participating in the "2011 China geosynthetics Summit Forum"

geosynthetics play a very important role in basic engineering construction. In the construction of expressway, geotextile has become an indispensable engineering material to protect subgrade, adjust pavement and increase road safety factor. In the construction of high-speed railway, geomembrane materials play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of the train. In hydraulic engineering, geogrid can protect the embankment from seepage, and in the landfill, waterproof mats play a role in preventing sewage infiltration. Different from previous years, it is now inevitable to use geosynthetics in the construction of national key projects

liguangxin, President of China geosynthetics Engineering Association, said that geosynthetics have the functions of seepage prevention, drainage, inverted filtration, protection, reinforcement and isolation, and currently play an irreplaceable role in water resources protection and waste landfill treatment. It can be said that it is the fourth building material after wood, steel and cement

Shandong Hongxiang Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd., located in Ling County, Shandong Province, is the largest geosynthetics manufacturer in China. The company has participated in the supply and installation of Geosynthetics for national key projects such as Shanghai Hangzhou high speed railway, South to North Water Diversion, the main project of the Beijing Olympic Games, Dunhuang landfill and so on. It is understood that the high-tech geomembrane materials developed and produced by the company are used on the sliding layer of the Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed railway track with a speed of 416 kilometers per hour, which plays a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of the train. In addition, the company provided 135000 square meters of geotextiles, composite geomembranes, geogrids and other synthetic materials for Beijing Yuanmingyuan seepage control water conservancy project. The bentonite waterproof blanket produced by Hongxiang company was used in the Dunhuang waste landfill project in Gansu Province, which effectively solved the problem of waste water leakage

when visiting the company's products, he was attracted by a kind of lattice material. After inquiring, I learned that it was a product called "plastic blind ditch" produced by them. It uses thermoplastic synthetic resin to heat and melt, and then extrudes the fibers through a high-pressure nozzle to stack and form. Jinxiangyu, a professor at the Textile College of Donghua University, told that many foreign golf courses, football fields, horse races and other places are paved with this "blind ditch" product to solve the problem of rapid drainage of rainwater after heavy rain. It will not affect the game. Get multiple effects. "Our country is still relatively backward in this regard," he said

more than that. At present, the phenomenon of "garbage besieging the city" has appeared in two-thirds of cities in China. At present, China has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest producer of solid waste. Solid domestic waste and industrial solid waste are growing at an annual rate of 8.98%. With the enhancement of human awareness of environmental protection, solving the problem of urban solid waste has been put on the agenda. The basic way is to reduce, recycle and make it harmless. The construction of domestic waste landfill is the most effective way. It is an inevitable choice to use Geosynthetics for seepage prevention treatment in the landfill

it is understood that geotechnical and construction textiles have been included in the development plan of key application fields of industrial textiles in the "12th Five Year Plan", and they have been given due attention. However, there are many problems in this industry, such as extensive and repeated development and insufficient innovation ability, which will hinder its healthy development and need to be paid attention to by all parties. Undoubtedly, as the country continues to increase infrastructure construction, the market potential hidden in it is huge

Li Lingshen, President of China Industrial Textiles Association, pointed out at the 2011 China geosynthetics summit forum that in the next few years, the country will further increase investment in major infrastructure construction such as railways, highways, airports, water conservancy, environmental protection, and the demand for geotextiles in various projects will continue to grow. With the tightening of the policy of importing waste paper, China will become the largest marketing market for geosynthetics in the world. He believes that at present, the consumption of Geotextiles in China has exceeded 300million square meters, and nonwoven geotextiles account for about 40% of the total nonwoven fabrics. The future market potential is huge. "In the next 15 years, Geotextiles will continue to maintain 9. Constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement control range: double-digit growth of 0.2% to 100% FS, of which PET spunbonded filament geotextiles will grow faster." He said

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