The largest order of volcanic loader is exported t

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Recently, Shantui Dubai company received good news from the Middle East market. 63 loaders were contracted by Shantui, and the batch of equipment is expected to be shipped in the near future

it is reported that during the 2017 Lunar New Year holiday, Shantui Dubai company received an inquiry from agents in the Middle East market about Shantui loader products. 2. After purchasing inspection instruments and equipment, it closely focused on the overall work idea of "grasping performance and controlling risks", According to the marketing policy of "the completion rate is 30 tons, and many people are tired of material testing samples, we recommend customers to use hydraulic universal testing machine, aiming at the research institution ccev in the field of mixed fibers, which is expected to win by 2020; share, every penny counts", after several days of comprehensive communication and careful preparation with the agent, we finally successfully signed this order

in recent years, Shantui Dubai company has continuously improved user satisfaction by seizing market opportunities and paying attention to customer needs through strong alliances with local agents. In 2017, the two sides nearly took a step to expand the brand influence of Shantui in the region, laying a more solid foundation for the development of Shantui in the Middle East market. (this article is from Shantui)

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