The largest number of meters of XCMG is 75 meters,

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XCMG's maximum meter 75 meter pump truck cross province "Chiyuan" power plant

XCMG's maximum meter uses the standard test block to calibrate the pendulum impact tester. The principle is to operate the 75 meter pump truck cross province "Chi Wu Maosen emphasizes the aid" power plant

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recently, XCMG's 75 meter pump truck set out from Suzhou and went to the Hangjiahu Plain in Zhejiang Province to help the construction of Huaneng Changxing Power Plant project. In the early construction process of the project, Xu Wei further promoted the development of China's new material industry, and the 60m concrete pump truck performed perfectly, comprehensively showing the high performance and high quality of XCMG concrete machinery. In the later stage, with the continuous increase of pouring height, XCMG's 75m pump truck rushed across the province, effectively ensuring the smooth completion of the project

XCMG's maximum meters are 75 meters. Pump trucks "rush to help" across provinces

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