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The largest impact crusher of Sino Italian miner started construction in Longyan, Fujian Province

the largest impact crusher of Sino Italian miner started construction in Longyan, Fujian Province

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recently, 56 projects were launched in Longyan, Fujian Province, with a total investment of 11.89 billion yuan, covering public service facilities and Jinan gold testing wear-resistant friction experimental machine. It is the most frequently used instrument in the tension machine series, including political infrastructure and old city reconstruction. The construction of infrastructure cannot be separated from sand and stone. In the face of the substantial increase in the demand of sand and stone market, Longyu quarry will expand its production capacity. Those with a small tonnage should not buy a sand production line with a daily output of 6000 tons of Zhengzhou Zhongyi mining machine, so as to improve the tight supply and demand of sand and stone. The production line has been followed up three times. Since the quarry purchased the first set of equipment of Sino Italian miner in 2012, it also purchased a mobile gravel Station with an hourly output of 200 tons in mid-2014

the raw materials of this production line are high calcium limestone, some of which contain more silicon dioxide. According to the output and material hardness, the technicians have equipped the customers with vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, large impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, conveyor belt, centralized electric control and other equipment, and equipped with dust removal equipment, so that the production line can avoid the phenomenon of dust in the air during the operation process

the impact crusher has the triple functions of crushing, sand making and shaping in this production line. It can be described as a multi-purpose machine, which overcomes the fatal problems of unqualified particle shape and high needle and flake content of sand and stone produced by the single-stage hammer crushing process. The high-quality sand and stone produced is cubic in shape, with needle and flake less than 5%. The discharge size is adjustable, simplifying the crushing process and saving the investment cost

as the saying goes, "the horse power is known from a long distance, and the quality is seen in a long time". The same is true of product quality. Through three years of production practice, Zhengzhou Zhongyi mining machine crushing and sand making equipment has brought rich profits to the quarry. Good quality, good service, and good sales of sand and gravel are the key to win customers' favor

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