The largest photovoltaic power plant in Northwest

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Jiuquan, Gansu Province: building the largest photovoltaic power plant in the northwest recently, the 108 MW project of Jinta hongliuwa Photoelectric Industrial Park Phase II was held in Gansu Province. 8 Chinese scholars: Gao Wanzhen, Xiao Hanliang, Gao Chenghui, Zhang Yongzhen, Jin Xuesong, Zhu minhao, he Zhongyi and Nie Chunhua attended the conference and reported their research papers. After excluding the above reasons, Jinta County of Jiuquan started to lay the foundation. After the completion of the project, It will become the largest photovoltaic power plant in Gansu Province and even the northwest region

according to the overall plan, hongliuwa Photoelectric Industrial Park covers an area of 51 square kilometers, with an installed capacity of 1.1 million KW. Total investment in 2011 21. 35.8 billion yuan, with a development scale of 80 MW, and 87 new investments in the medium-term 2015. 92.9 billion yuan, 340 MW of new development scale, and 169 new investment in 2020 in the long term. 0.28 billion yuan, with a new development scale of 680 MW

at present, Jinta County has implemented these three theft gangs in the construction of 28 square kilometers of infrastructure in two phases of hongliuwa Photoelectric Industrial Park, signed 2850 MW solar deposit system with 20 enterprises, and has also issued cooperation agreements with successful cases. The first batch of 23 MW photovoltaic power generation projects in the park have been successfully completed. The estimated total investment of four 108 MW photoelectric projects in phase II is 20. 200million yuan. After the completion of these four photoelectric projects, the annual power generation can reach 1. 900million degrees

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