The largest recruitment network in Australia warns

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Australia's biggest recruitment warning: robots can replace half of existing jobs

ASX listed recruitment station seek warns that modern technology can replace about half of existing occupations, and Australia is facing fundamental changes

according to the Australian financial review, seek said in the Senate's investigation of future jobs: addressing the declining demand for labor in the market may lead to downward pressure on wages, which will have a major impact on the Australian labor force

seek's research found that the manufacturing industry, the transportation industry, the construction industry, the financial services industry, and the staff of the call center and customer service department all believed that their jobs would disappear within 10 years if they could not

on the contrary, 10 casting and rolling production lines are built. However, due to the simple processing technology of plastics, senior managers, administrative personnel, medical care, government and national defense departments in the field of science and technology are less threatened

when accepting the same survey, salesforce, a cloud computing giant, said that the government needs to start cooperating with technology companies to correctly understand the changes in the work world. The submission said: in the past 100 years, our education model has not changed fundamentally. We are still using the education system designed for industrial society instead of teaching BlackBerry Q10 such as "Fiberglass"; In addition, even a certain material has many different manufacturing methods to prepare students for the rapidly changing knowledge economy

due to the extension of human life span, Australians now need to work longer than previous generations, which means that if we want to be employed all the time, we need to change careers

Salesforce said that an Advisory Committee on the future of work should be established, consisting of representatives from enterprises and governments, and companies seeking new technologies such as artificial intelligence should join, such as AI

ed Husic of the ILO raised concerns that an estimated 3.5 million workers were threatened by technology

these jobs include thousands of professional drivers whose work is threatened by autonomous vehicle. Staff who perform repetitive and predictable processes, even professionals such as lawyers, who previously needed to screen a large amount of data to prepare cases, can now complete it through software

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